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I’m a fan first and a creator second, so I try to create artwork that pleases both sides of me.

 — Blair Shedd

Blair Shedd is a Philippines-born, New England-raised freelance illustrator and digital artist. He’s been creating iconic comic art independently and alongside major publishers for over a decade. Shedd is best known for being IDW Publishing’s go-to Doctor Who illustrator whose work includes the Tenth Doctor adventure, Don’t Step on the Grass and the Eleventh Doctor story, Run, Doctor, Run. He’s also created the artwork for Weapons of Past Destruction, the five-part story for Titan ComicsDoctor Who: The Ninth Doctor mini-series, as well as cover illustrations for Torchwood, Robotech, Warhammer 40k, Assasins Creed, Sherlock, Fighting American, Legends of Oz and Ghostbusters. Shedd was awarded the Golden Trailer Award for Best Movie Poster of 2018, for his work on the poster for Reed Morano’s “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

Shedd got his start in digital arts early on: He fondly remembers his initial discovery of the Superpaint application on one of his father’s Macintosh work computers. With that discovery, Shedd was officially bitten by the art bug. As the years went on, Shedd continued to refine and expand his artistic skills eventually landing him at the prestigious cartoon and graphic design academy, The Kubert School. After graduating in 1999, he launched his own web studio, oneGemini.

My style has evolved over the years from highly cartoony, to hyper-real, and now back to a lil’ more cartoony hybrid of my earlier styles. And I doubt it’s done evolving.

 — Blair Shedd

Shedd’s forms of expression have always been varied, ranging from screenplays to marketing design to cartoon style illustration to hyper-realism, and back again. His background is equally diverse — He’s worked as a cover artist, sketch card artist, children’s book illustrator and commissioned artist for many private collections and companies. A forever fan of Doctor Who, Shedd got his big break with IDW Publishing after catching their attention with his viral fan-art, and the rest was history. 

Much of Shedd’s artistic influences come from the comic world that he’s become an important figure in. Sources of inspiration in the space include Phil Hester, Brian Stelfreeze, Chris Sprouse, Mike Mignola, and Chris Samnee. Outside of the comic world, Shedd enjoys the poster work of Drew Struzan, the paintings of Brom and Frazetta. Shedd prides himself on his versatility and ability to shape his style to meet the artistic goals at hand. He has numerous “signature styles” and his artwork will never stop evolving. 

There’s very little of the artwork that I enjoy that doesn’t influence me or make me want to try new techniques and ways of approaching how I create my own artwork. 

— Blair Shedd

Today, Shedd brings his beloved visual storytelling style to the world of blockchain art with his debut release on MakersPlace. 

Ro-Bull: Bovine of Adventure

Blair Shedd’s debut series Ro-Bull: Bovine of Adventure introduces the world to Shedd’s latest original character, the crypto inspired Ro-bull. Shedd wanted to create a creature who would feel right at home in the Doctor Who universe while also reflecting the real-life alternate universe brought on by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A sweet taste of old-school sci-fi, this series release will consist of 3 artworks depicting his original Ro-Bull and as well as a special creation featuring a beloved Doctor and his fight against the global pandemic. 

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