What are NFTs?

So what are NFTs without snidely replying, “non-fungible token"? What is a non-fungible token?A digital certificate of authenticity on a public ledger proving that the holder owns a one-of-a-kind digital (and sometimes physical) asset.What is digital scarcity?Control over the abundance and existence of digital assets or resources. The record of ownership is generated by an … Continue reading What are NFTs?

Verified 3rd Party Collections: Digital Animals

Today, we are excited to announce that collectors will now have the option to buy or sell NFTs from Digital Animals on the secondary market, directly on MakersPlace. Purchasing a creation from this collection, or any verified third party collections, on MakersPlace allows you to benefit from guaranteed authenticity and a low commission fee of … Continue reading Verified 3rd Party Collections: Digital Animals

2022 The Year of Tiger – Yiying Lu

"I’d like to be a bridge between art and technology, as well as a cultural bridge between East and West, to inspire more people to create." — Yiying Lu Yiying Lu is an award-winning artist, entrepreneur, educator, and bilingual speaker who creates iconic designs and brands that transcend linguistic barriers, unite people and enchant audiences … Continue reading 2022 The Year of Tiger – Yiying Lu