“[Originalplan® is] not a brand, and it never will be a brand. It’s an idea, a way of looking at art and design and not separating the two.”

— Originalplan®

About Originalplan®

Originalplan® (@origamiplan), also known as OP by friends and associates, is a multidisciplinary digital artist and designer who splits his time between Budapest and Mexico City. 

His innovative work combines street art and collectible culture with cutting-edge digital creativity as an OG in the web3 art space and one of the earliest creators on MakersPlace. 

OP’s digital art includes the creation of Bearbrick dailies, a process he has been engaged in for nearly three years — though he creates daily, he only mints the work he deems up to par. He is also known for his significant collaborations, one of the biggest being “All Your Bases Are Belong to Us,” where he and 25 other artists took over every major NFT platform for a 24-hour period​.

OP’s work also extends to the fashion and music industry with a deep affinity for hip-hop music and fashion — most notably his admiration for Virgil Abloh and Nigo. These influences have played a crucial role in shaping his creative direction, particularly his affinity for Tokyo street style.

Originalplan® – Series 2 – Dissected half Be@rbrick by Originalplan

Interview Highlights

  • On the practice of creating daily artworks and the importance of being self-critical to maintain high-quality output. 
  • “All Your Bases Are Belong to Us” and the importance of a core concept in a collaborative body of work. 
  • The historical value of the NFT art space as a new era in art history with the potential to accurately preserve every artist’s contributions.
  • The legacy of fashion designer and artist Virgil Abloh
  • The potential of the NFT and metaverse space to empower individual artists and designers to reach a broader audience and make significant impacts.
  • REMX, a company that allows users to design metaverse wearables. 
  • Originalplan®’s fascination with hip-hop music and fashion, specifically the Bathing Ape (BAPE) brand and its founder, Nigo. 
  • The influence of Ryoji Ikeda, an artist known for his audio-reactive installations, inspired OP’s interest in the psychological effects of patterns.
  • Originalplan®’s advice to his younger self.

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The article “Designing Good Collaborations: Lessons from Originalplan” inspired by this conversation, can be read here

Originalplan® – Series 1 – A very loved Be@rbrick by Originalplan

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