“In the legal field, the consensus isn’t that law firms will be replaced by AI, but law firms that don’t adopt AI will be replaced by ones that do.”

— Scott Sholder


Scott J. Sholder (@scottsholder), Co-Chair of the Cowan DeBaets Abrahams & Sheppard LLP’s Litigation group, focuses his practice on litigation, counseling, and dispute resolution in connection with entertainment, media, and intellectual property matters. 

Scott represents and advises clients across various industries in copyright, trademark, right-of-publicity, unfair competition, domain name, and commercial and business disputes, as well as defamation defense.  He has appeared in federal and state courts around the country as well as administrative and arbitral tribunals and has handled cases from pre-suit negotiations through trial and post-trial procedures. 

His clients range from major media and entertainment companies and A-list talent to closely held and startup businesses and individuals in need of advice on intellectual property or guidance concerning brewing or existing legal conflicts. 

Sholder’s understanding of the intersection of technology, law, and creativity is also reflected in his personal work as an artist, operating under the web3 name Metalhead. His art primarily involves photo manipulation, using applications like Procreate and Glitch Studio to transform everyday images into abstract, psychedelic pieces. Much of his work is influenced by music, particularly metal, which inspires his decisions about colors and specific additions to his pieces.

Sholder’s belief in the importance of consistent practice, self-belief, and the value of creative expression, regardless of public reception, is a testament to his passion for art. His experiences, as both an attorney and artist, provide a unique perspective on the implications of technology in the creative world.

Episode Highlights

  1. [2:41] Explanation of intellectual property rights 
  2. [6:36] NFTs and copyright law
  3. [12:48] Artificial intelligence and copyright law
  4. [23:40] The question of artist vulnerability as training data
  5. [26:36] The complex definition of ‘Fair Use’ in copyright law
  6. [29:46] Drake, The Weeknd, Napster, copyright, and the future of fan-generated content
  7. [39:35] The future of work.
  8. [43:43] The legal protections against AI being implemented by the Authors Guild’s new template clauses for publishing contracts.
  9. [46:30] Sholder as the artist Metalhead on his artistic process
  10. [51:39] Megadeth legal controversy
  11. [54:23] Daily routine of creating art 
  12. [56:59] Scott’s cross-platform minting strategy

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Show Notes

  1. Scott Sholder on LinkedIn
  2. Scott Sholder/Metalhead on MakersPlace
  3. Cowan DeBaets, Abrahams & Shepard
  4. Bored Ape Yacht Club
  5. Ed Sheeran vs Marvin Gaye Estate
  6. Getty Images vs Stable Diffusion
  7. Andy Warhol Foundation vs Goldsmith
  8. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  9. Unofficial Drake & The Weeknd AI-Generated Song
  10. Rick Astley
  11. Grimes releases AI voice pack
  12. Metallica vs Napster
  13. Nine Inch Nails releases album on PirateBay
  14. Danger Mouse’s Grey Album
  15. Girl Talk on how he’s avoided getting sued for sampling
  16. Authors Guild’s protections against AI
  17. MakersPlace interview with Greg Hildebrandt
  18. Megadeth Lawsuit
  19. Vic Rattlehead

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