MakerStories — Simon Lejeune aka Haedre

For today’s MakerStory we’re talking with Simon Lejeune aka Haedre, a Belgium-born painter and comic author. Having started his career as a musician performing across Belgium, Europe and USA, Simon found his home as an artist, giving him a platform to further explore deeper philosophical themes than possible as a musician — like life and death. We’re … Continue reading MakerStories — Simon Lejeune aka Haedre

MakerStories — Nikolay Krastev aka DirtyTactic

For today’s MakerStory we’re talking with Nikolay Krastev aka DirtyTactic, a Bulgarian-born traditional and 2D digital artist, and self-proclaimed caffeine addict. His works span the monochromatic atmosphere, dark surrealism, and cyber and steampunk themed works. Nikolay dives into the gritty details of how he’s evolved as an artist and how he’s able to captivate his … Continue reading MakerStories — Nikolay Krastev aka DirtyTactic

How MakersPlace is Actually Empowering Creators with Blockchain

photo by Aziz Acharki Four months ago we launched MakersPlace to the public featuring only a handful of digital artists like Art with Flo, Dania Strong aka Twirble and Mauro Gatti who were intrigued by the possibility that blockchain technology could not only help protect their digital work but also provide a new way to sell … Continue reading How MakersPlace is Actually Empowering Creators with Blockchain

A Place for Digital Creators

We’re all living in an increasingly connected and digital world. Two out of every three internet users now own a smartphone and are consuming record amounts of digital content from videos, articles, photographs, music, art and more. However, the majority of digital content is still consumed either for free or through ads-based platforms, with the … Continue reading A Place for Digital Creators