Trevor Jones: Classical Painting Gets A Modern Make Over

Meet the Artist Leading A Technological Revolution Within the Traditional Art World Swim Until You Can’t See Land by Trevor Jones, The Original Piece and Inspiration Behind Jones’ newest work All That Remains Traditional Art with a Technological Twist “From the beginning of human creation, the purpose of art was to teach.” -Trevor Jones From cave paintings … Continue reading Trevor Jones: Classical Painting Gets A Modern Make Over

MakerStories — Simon Lejeune aka Haedre

For today’s MakerStory we’re talking with Simon Lejeune aka Haedre, a Belgium-born painter and comic author. Having started his career as a musician performing across Belgium, Europe and USA, Simon found his home as an artist, giving him a platform to further explore deeper philosophical themes than possible as a musician — like life and death. We’re … Continue reading MakerStories — Simon Lejeune aka Haedre

MakerStories — Nikolay Krastev aka DirtyTactic

For today’s MakerStory we’re talking with Nikolay Krastev aka DirtyTactic, a Bulgarian-born traditional and 2D digital artist, and self-proclaimed caffeine addict. His works span the monochromatic atmosphere, dark surrealism, and cyber and steampunk themed works. Nikolay dives into the gritty details of how he’s evolved as an artist and how he’s able to captivate his … Continue reading MakerStories — Nikolay Krastev aka DirtyTactic

MakerStories — Reinhard Schmid

For today’s MakerStory we’re talking with German-born artist Reinhard Schmid. A professional artist who over the last 30 years has exhibited his works globally, Reinhard has also been a pioneer in blockchain art. Reinhard shares his story, inspirations and a look into his creative process. If you’ve never heard of hinterglas, you’re in for a … Continue reading MakerStories — Reinhard Schmid

MakerStories — Joe Chiappetta

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a growing number of digital comic artists using MakersPlace to create limited edition and collectible copies of their comics. One creator we’ve been really excited to support on MakersPlace is Joe Chiappetta, known for his award-winning work on Silly Daddy Comics. Joe has been a pioneering artist in … Continue reading MakerStories — Joe Chiappetta

MakerStories — Floortje Visser (aka Art with Flo)

MakerStories is back this week featuring popular digital artist and YouTube creator Floortje Visser aka Art with Flo. Over the last two years, Flo’s artwork has been propelled by social media, transforming what was only a dream to be an artist into reality. Flo shares how she’s been able to grow her fanbase to over … Continue reading MakerStories — Floortje Visser (aka Art with Flo)

MakerStories — Veronika Vajdova (aka Weroni)

For this week’s MakerStory, we’re speaking with Veronika Vajdova aka Weroni, a digital artist born in Slovakia and currently residing in the UK. Weroni is still early in her career as an artist, currently studying 3D Animation and Visualization, but we’re excited to share her unique journey in discovering and pursuing her passion for digital … Continue reading MakerStories — Veronika Vajdova (aka Weroni)

MakerStories — Larry Cooney Jr

For today’s MakerStory, we’re excited to be featuring one of our newest featured creators, Larry Cooney Jr, a digital artist with over 40 years of experience creating in various forms. Starting his career in fine art he’s since fully embraced digital as his primary form, focusing on digital portraiture and creating on his iPad Pro. … Continue reading MakerStories — Larry Cooney Jr

MakerStories — Mauro Gatti

Image: Mauro Gatti For today’s edition of MakerStories we’re featuring Mauro Gatti, an Italian illustrator and designer based in Los Angeles, California. Mauro is an award-winning creator who most recently won an Emmy in 2017 for his creative work. His work is based on humor and always strives to capture the comical side of life in … Continue reading MakerStories — Mauro Gatti

MakerStories — Dania Strong (aka Twirble)

Image: Dania Strong aka “Twirble” Today we’re excited to be featuring Dania Strong aka “Twirble”, a resident artist at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Dania is an artist inspired by Flemish and German expressionism, surrealist and pop surrealist art. Dania has fully embraced technology in her artwork and has been active in online communities … Continue reading MakerStories — Dania Strong (aka Twirble)