MakersPlace & — Public Listing + Charity Auction

MakersPlace is a premier market for truly rare digital artworks — digital art where its authenticity and rarity is guaranteed by blockchain technology. As a trusted market for rare digital art, it’s vital to establish trust and transparency within the NFT space. For this reason, earlier this year we began partnering with, an established thought leader … Continue reading MakersPlace & — Public Listing + Charity Auction

A Rare Digital Art Feast for All

Rare Digital Art Feast — San Francisco, 2019 (photo by Ngoc Nguyen) What do you get when you combine great food and rare digital food art? On the 20th of June, MakersPlace hosted a truly rare event that captured just that… a Rare Digital Art Feast for the mind and body. At MakersPlace our mission is to enable … Continue reading A Rare Digital Art Feast for All

Digital Creators + Blockchain (11/18/2018)

This past Sunday, the kind people at Starfish Mission and the San Francisco Crypto Art Meetup helped host our first local event for digital creators. Amidst the harsh weather conditions (California Fires), a handful of brave souls joined us for an afternoon of learning how blockchain is empowering digital creators. Artists and blockchain enthusiasts learning … Continue reading Digital Creators + Blockchain (11/18/2018)