An Introduction to Rare Digital Art

An overview for artists who want to be on the blockchain through the new form of art called "rare digital art."By Joe Chiappetta Can You Dig It? is rare digital art by Joe Chiappetta on MakersPlace. It's a pretty interesting time to be alive. Especially as an artist, I have seen rapid opportunities opening up … Continue reading An Introduction to Rare Digital Art

How to Market Yourself + Your Artwork Online

Tips and Insights For Artists Looking to Improve Their Marketing Efforts Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash At MakersPlace we are passionate about helping our artists succeed, in both the digital space and the art world in general. To empower our artists with the tools and knowledge they need to propel their names and artworks to … Continue reading How to Market Yourself + Your Artwork Online

MakerStories — Reinhard Schmid

For today’s MakerStory we’re talking with German-born artist Reinhard Schmid. A professional artist who over the last 30 years has exhibited his works globally, Reinhard has also been a pioneer in blockchain art. Reinhard shares his story, inspirations and a look into his creative process. If you’ve never heard of hinterglas, you’re in for a … Continue reading MakerStories — Reinhard Schmid