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Quantum Genesis by Jumper Maybach

World-renowned abstract artist Jumper Maybach is releasing his first NFT, “Quantum Genesis,” as a unique 1/1 digital artwork.

Eternal Cuernavaca by George Lopez x Carlos Marcial

George Lopez and renowned crypto NFT artist Carlos Marcial present “Eternal Cuernavaca,” a Charity Drop to raise funds for children with kidney disease. Drops 4/25, only on MakersPlace.

Watch Me Now NFT Drop by The Crystal Method x Micah Monkey

The Crystal Method is holding their first NFT auction to celebrate the release of their latest album, “The Trip Out,” and its lead single, “Watch Me Now.”

Upcoming Drops – George Lopez x Carlos Marcial, The Crystal Method x Micah Monkey & Jumper Maybach

Preview upcoming Drops from George Lopez x Carlos Torres, The Crystal Method x Micah Monkey and Jumper Maybach. Only on MakersPlace.

Earth Day: MakersPlace Launches new Carbon-Zero NFT Initiative, Commits to net-zero carbon footprint for all Drops

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Aerial to calculate and offset carbon emissions for all of MakersPlace’s NFT drops

What is the NFT Environmental Impact?

NFT environmental impact is more nuanced than pundits imply — environmental effects are more the fault of blockchain protocols than the NFTs that run on them.

A Guide to NFT Editions

A guide to NFT editions for digital artists and digital art collectors.

420 on MakersPlace by Lushsux

Street artist and founder of the meme art movement, Lushsux, returns this week to release his next drop “420 on MakersPlace,” featuring two Burn Editions and two Collector’s Only Editions. Drops 4/20, only on MakersPlace

Patchwork Metropoles by Nadieh Bremer

Data visualization designer presents “Patchwork Metropoles” a collection of five data-visualization generative art pieces created to support the Giga project of UNICEF. Drops 4/14, only on MakersPlace.

Moriartsy x Marshall Swearman: WARHOLICS

Moriartsy x Marshall Swerman present the “Warholics,” a limited series with rare photographs of Andy Warhol in and around The Factory in NYC.

An Anthem For Uncertain Times by Amir H. Fallah

Amir H. Fallah presents “An Anthem For Uncertain Times” collection of NFT artworks, as archeological surveys that address generational immigrant experiences of movement, trauma, and celebration. Drops on 4/13, only on MakersPlace.

Full-Spectrum Bipeds by Reed Zimmerman

C4D artist Reed Zimmerman (Lightnightrenders) presents his Genesis NFT collection “Full Spectrum Bipeds” featuring four robotic humanoid bipeds from the distant future. Drops 4/12, only on MakersPlace.

Upcoming Drops – Reed Zimmerman, Amir Fallah & Nadieh Bremmer

Explore the upcoming Drops on MakersPlace by Reed Zimmerman, Amir Fallah, and Nadieh Bremmer.

Web3 Anime Artists Are on the Rise

Anime and manga are quickly rising genres in the NFT space. MakersPlace hosts a wide range of artists and collections working with anime/manga styles in their artwork. 

Introducing the First Hologram NFT: Leonardo da Vinci’s La Bella Principessa x The Holoverse

The Holoverse has teamed up with MakersPlace to present the world’s first hologram NFT (“HNFT”) of a verified Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, La Bella Principessa.

Playing the Market by Jonathan Nash

3D digital animator Jonathan Nash presents “Playing the Market” collection, featuring his iconic miniature spaceman universe with a range of new, colorful space-people engaging in web3 degen behavior. Drops 4/7, only on MakersPlace.

2nd Annual Graffiti Queens NFT Art Festival

The Second Annual Graffiti Queens NFT Art Festival, hosting 400+ artists throughout the metaverse, is from April 3-10, 2022.

New Kids on the Block – Yiying Lu x BlockShow (Powered by Cointelegraph)

digital artist Yiying Lu presents New Kids on the Block, in partnership with BlockShow (powered by Cointelegraph). Drops 4/6, only on MakersPlace.

MetaStatues by Léo Caillard

Artist Léo Caillard presents his latest series, “MetaStatues” four detailed 3D animations of Caillard’s original statues floating in space. Dropping 04/05, only on MakersPlace.

Abort, Retry Fail? – Ethan Pines

Photographer Ethan Pines presents “Abort, Retry Fail?” a series of artworks based on his unique portraits of Travis Kalanick, Sundar Pichai, and Vitalik Buterin. Drops 3/31, only on MakersPlace.

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