Beyond Painting: Exploring Volumism with Anna Zhilyaeva The Evolution of Art Creation is a central component of human existence, as proven by our history. The first instance of human creation in visual art form is thought to be a 500,000 year old fossilized mussel shell engraved with an abstract zig zag by our Homo Erectus ancestors. A few thousands years to the … Continue reading Beyond Painting: Exploring Volumism with Anna Zhilyaeva

Azrael & Malkuth-Peter Mohrbacher

Peter Mohrbacher is a surrealist fantasy artist based in Florida who is best known for his work on Magic: The Gathering from 2011 to 2014, creating every card type. He also created the concepts for Return to Ravnica and Theros sets, helping to design the characters and creatures. Since then, Mohrbacher’s focus has been on his personal brand, Angelarium â€” wondrous interpretations of … Continue reading Azrael & Malkuth-Peter Mohrbacher

Deep Sea Emotions- Emotionull

Emotionull is a painter and digital expressionist who has taken the crypto art scene by storm with his impassioned digital paintings. His artworks pull at the heart strings — dissecting and interpreting the deepest realms of our emotional being through a bold exploration of colors and unapologetic brush strokes. After joining crypto art 2 months ago my whole … Continue reading Deep Sea Emotions- Emotionull

Mark McKenna, José Delbo and The Digital Future of Comic Book Art

Since their inception in ~1933, comic books have made an indelible mark on human culture. For many of us, they’ve served as moments of inspiration, learning and boundless exploration. They’ve transported us into fantasy worlds of infinite possibilities and taught us valuable life lessons of morality and good vs. evil. While written dialogue within comic … Continue reading Mark McKenna, JosĂ© Delbo and The Digital Future of Comic Book Art

SSX3LAU and The Future of NFTs

3LAU and Slimesunday Join Forces to Introduce A New Kind of Digital Creation The boundaries of art have never been clearly defined. Throughout history, the art of music, theater, and creative writing have often intertwined, leaving audience members with a melting pot of sensations and reactions. However, in comparison, visual arts such as painting, photography and … Continue reading SSX3LAU and The Future of NFTs

GANcommedia Erudita — At the intersection of AI and Art with Helena Sarin

We are excited to introduce a special artwork release from renowned AI artist and GAN pioneer Helena Sarin (aka glagolista). This artwork release consists of much more than your typical creation— GANcommedia Erudita is Sarin’s second AI Art book based on her signature #latentDoodles. The first installment, Book of GANesis, was published last year as … Continue reading GANcommedia Erudita — At the intersection of AI and Art with Helena Sarin

Fantasy & Seclusion — Frenetik Void

We’re excited to unveil brand new original artworks from Frenetik Void, offered exclusively through MakersPlace. New to Rare Digital Art? Rare digital art is art with authenticity, scarcity, and proof of ownership guaranteed by blockchain technology Every artist and artwork featured on MakersPlace is verified through a multi-step identity verification process. Start your collection today! … Continue reading Fantasy & Seclusion — Frenetik Void

Happy Nightmares with Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee’s Land of Confusion Our lives are filled with dualities, many of which we boil down and simplify to fit within a “negative” or “positive” box. Experiences which evoke emotions of confusion, pain, fear or general disturbance are bad and something to avoid. Yet these experiences are an undeniable and unavoidable part of the human … Continue reading Happy Nightmares with Alex Pardee