We are thrilled to unveil the meticulously redesigned Artwork Page at MakersPlace — a space conceived where your art takes the full spotlight. Like any good frame, it has been designed to elevate the artwork, serve the artist and viewer, and otherwise disappear. 

Our team has crafted an exquisite and agile homepage for your art, ensuring your creations are not just seen, but truly experienced.

Transactions with Enhanced Ease and Security

Now seamlessly integrated with WalletConnect, we’ve curated streamlined and intuitive selling and buying flows for both creators and collectors.

Enjoy the convenience and control of accepting and rejecting offers directly on the Artwork Page.

Enriched Visuals for a Bolder Statement

We’ve enhanced the visual pop of your Artwork Pages with larger art displays, always positioned above the fold and meticulously optimized for your media files. Fear not. Our site is now faster, ensuring those expansive displays remain effortlessly light and nimble. For those special pieces with unlockables, we’ve amplified the viewing experience, now offering the flexibility to post multiple images.

Easy Access to Provenance & Metadata

Explore a rich, data-driven provenance section strategically positioned on-site with clear collaborator attribution and access to sale information for all editions of a single artwork — all conveniently accessible from any edition of that artwork.

Easily find key metrics about the creator and their MakersPlace journey — including sales and followers — neatly displayed on the Artwork Page, along with smooth access to essential artwork details such as file sizing info, original pinned media, Etherscan info, and the metadata itself.

Smart Browsing with AI-Powered Suggestions

Scrolling past the Artwork published on the page, you’ll now encounter an AI-powered recommendation engine that surfaces similar art from across MakersPlace, mirroring the aesthetics of the artwork on view — a tailored visual journey far beyond generic browsing or natural language cues.

Head over to MakersPlace to experience our newly redesigned Artwork Page.

Hero Image Credit: The space between these two numbers opens up and thus the whole world is created by Michal Nesazal