“Creativity is boundless. Imagination is free. Believe in the infinite possibilities.”

— InfiniteMantra

Lindsay Kokoska is a mixed-media artist who combines traditional and digital techniques in her abstract and surreal art. Her work is inspired by her travels, yoga practice, and interest in spirituality. With a unique style that blends animation and fine art compositing, her pieces have a dreamlike quality that captures the viewer’s imagination.

Lindsay’s use of sacred geometry, astronomy, nature, patterns, and shapes, along with her use of AI art technology, creates pieces that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. Her art lies between the figurative and surreal worlds, and through her work, she channels an energy that inspires people to access a deeper vision and see the magic in their own lives.

With a background in education and marketing, Lindsay holds a Masters degree in Graphic Art and has studied at the Toronto School of Art and independent studies of abstract art in Bali, Indonesia. She is a self-taught artist, who believes in the infinite possibilities of creativity and imagination. Lindsay invites the viewer to be inspired by her work and to go inward, to be reminded of the connections between material and spiritual experiences.

Aisha Arif: Tell us about your creative journey — how did you get your start in the arts?

Infinite Mantra: Since childhood, I’ve been driven by inspiration to create art. It became evident at a young age that my heart was in art as my mind brimmed with ideas longing to be expressed. When I was older, my mother passed down her oil painting box. Upon opening it, I was met with a treasure trove of my childhood drawings and whimsical scribbles. This poignant moment affirmed the enduring bond I’ve always shared with the creative process, serving as my anchor and gateway to a meditative state of mind. Over the years, I’ve delved into various mediums and studied art extensively. The thought of life without art is inconceivable to me. It’s an intrinsic part of who I am.

Dreamy Universe by Infinite Mantra

AA: Where did the name “Infinite Mantra” come from? 

IM: The name “Infinite Mantra” emerged in 2015–2016 when I sought to unite my art practice with my yoga and meditation practices. I wanted a name that reflected my deep connection to meditation and the universe. “Infinite” represents boundless potential, while “mantra” embodies prayer and repetition. Through “Infinite Mantra,” I aim to convey the idea of endless possibilities in my art.

AA: What/who are some of your biggest inspirations? 

IM: The cosmos and the mysteries of the universe fuel my greatest inspiration. There’s a profound serenity in pondering what else exists out there, in envisioning the enchanting, tranquil places that may be waiting to be discovered. Among artists, I draw immense inspiration from the works of Hilma af Klint and Georgia O’Keeffe.

The Other Side by Infinite Mantra

AA: How does spirituality and wellness in the real world inform your digital art practice?

IM: As a dedicated yoga and meditation teacher/practitioner, I find that creating art serves as a form of meditative practice in itself. It becomes a sanctuary where I can delve into a state of deep focus and expression, acting as a powerful tool for emotional regulation and balance.

AA: How did you learn about web3 and sharing art on blockchain? How do you see this space evolving in the future?

IM: Back in January 2021, I, along with a few friends, delved into the web3 space, looking to explore something new. Learning about web3 and the process of sharing art on the blockchain was a fascinating journey for me. It opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for the intersection of art, technology, and decentralization. 

Exploring this innovative platform allowed me to not only engage with a global community of artists and collectors but also provided a unique opportunity to redefine how art is valued and exchanged in the digital age. This knowledge has not only broadened my artistic horizons but has also influenced how I approach and view the broader landscape of the art world.

I think that the web3 space is set for dynamic evolution. With advancing blockchain tech, we’ll see deeper integration of art, technology, and decentralized platforms. Expect innovations in ownership, provenance, and interaction with digital art. Community-driven initiatives will likely thrive, and broader artist participation will diversify the landscape.

Letting Go by Infinite Mantra

AA: Tell us about the Technicolor Universe – what inspired this body of work? 

IM: Technicolor Universe is a body of work that encapsulates a fusion of the past and the future. It draws inspiration from the historical roots of Technicolor technology, which revolutionized the film industry in 1916 by introducing color to motion pictures. Today, with the advent of artificial intelligence, we are witnessing a renaissance in Technicolor’s potential, opening up fresh avenues for artistic expression. 

This collection was conceived with the intention of delving into pivotal moments in our technological evolution, juxtaposed with the awe-inspiring cosmic expanse and the fluidity of abstract movement. The result is a tapestry that pays homage to both the ingenuity of the past and the boundless potential of our technologically-driven future.

Rebirth by Infinite Mantra

AA: With the Technicolor Universe, you introduce a new style and technique. How did your creative process change with this collection?  

IM: With the Technicolor Universe, I’ve expanded my artistic repertoire rather than departing from my previous focus on digital collage. This collection represents a deliberate effort to showcase the diverse dimensions of my creative expression. Introducing abstract elements allowed me to unveil a different facet of my artistic identity. Additionally, I was eager to highlight the transformative potential of incorporating AI as a creative tool, revealing how it can open up entirely new avenues in art-making. 

Through a process of training AI with my abstract paintings, I was able to generate intriguing and unexpected outcomes. This venture excites me as it not only signifies personal growth but also holds the promise of discovering fresh niches and opportunities within the art world. It’s a journey of exploration and expansion that I’m eagerly embracing.

Release by Infinite Mantra

AA: What should we expect from you in the future? 

IM: I am excited for my artistic journey, I want to keep releasing work that is peaceful, beautiful and unique.  I’m dedicated to delivering the unexpected, pushing the boundaries of my creativity, and venturing into uncharted territories. My aspiration is to continue evolving, refusing to confine myself to a singular artistic niche. Embracing this dynamic approach, I hope to inspire, leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape.

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