“We have this urge to communicate ideas, and when words fail, we turn to other mediums.”

— jrdsctt

About jrdsctt

Minneapolis-born digital artist jrdsctt is a MakersPlace OG and a staple of the community with over 250 unique collectors on MakersPlace. With his Genesis Drop, jrdsctt invites a new element into his creative process: artificial intelligence.   

jrdsctt joined MakersPlace as an artist in early 2019. He later became their first official ambassador, helping run the MakersPlace Discord server alongside staff. This role eventually transitioned into an official job with the company in May of 2021.

He has been working there ever since, helping build the MakersPlace community during the day, and glitching dystopian worlds in the evening. The web3 space has consumed most of his waking hours (and some of his unconscious hours as well).

Key Takeaways

  • Continuous evolution and learning are essential, as seen with jrdsctt’s journey from glitch art to AI-infused creations.
  • The use of AI can provide fresh perspectives and expedite the creative process, even for those not typically engaged with technology.
  • Grounding one’s work in a set structure or rules can help maintain creativity and lead to unexpected innovations.
  • Every art form, from traditional painting to digital glitches, seeks to communicate and connect.
  • Art serves as a means to interpret human existence and communicate it across generations.

Please enjoy!

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