“When it comes to the actual meaning and purpose of art, people take away whatever they want from it based on their own perspectives. What we really focus on is the human experience, allowing people to feel emotional reactions.”

— Christian Burke

About Christian Burke

In this revealing interview with Pixels and Paint, we get an in-depth look into the world of data scientist Christian Burke, right-hand man to Refik Anadol. Navigating the fine lines between art, technology, and science, Burke provides insights into the future of AI in art, the intersection of sensory experiences, and the innovative projects he’s been a part of. For those intrigued by the melding of technology and creativity, this conversation is an illuminating deep dive.

Christian Burke (@christianburke0) is a contemporary artist operating at the intersection of art and technology. As a key collaborator with Refik Anadol and a leader at the AI and data science teams, Burke has been instrumental in numerous groundbreaking projects that blend the realms of AI, sensory experiences, and visual art. 

With a background in data science and machine learning, he’s been at the forefront of initiatives that explore the latent space of AI, the application of technology in creating multisensory experiences, and the democratization of AI tools for a wider audience. 

Key Takeaways

  • Christian’s involvement in significant projects like Unsupervised at MoMA and his first project with RAS, Machine Hallucinations NYC showcases his influential position in the art-tech landscape.
  • The trajectory of AI’s growth is influenced by its increasing accessibility to a broader audience.
  • AI in the coming years will focus on broader accessibility while emphasizing transparency and ethical operations.
  • Refik Anadol’s studio is working on converting AI-generated images into corresponding scents and textures, pushing the boundaries of sensory experiences.
  • The future holds exciting prospects for AI in art, with projects like Dataland and collaborations like the one at The Sphere in Las Vegas.
  • Refik Anadol Studio is set to unveil “Dataland” in 2024, an innovative intersection of technology and art.

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