What’s in this Massive Post?

  • Dates and details for Trevor Jones’ Bitcoin Angel Castle Party and Alotta Money Charity Auction
  • Preview of artworks to be auctioned in the Alotta Money Charity Auction
  • Hackatao hoodie raffle details

Dates & Details

Trevor Jones’ Bitcoin Angel Castle Party

  • Date: September 3-5 2023
  • Location: Château de Vallery, near Paris, France

Charity Auction

We are excited to share the details of the upcoming Alotta Money Tribute Exhibition & Auction, which is set to bring together the biggest-name creators in a groundbreaking fusion of art, technology, and philanthropy.

In partnership with Trevor Jones, we will be honoring the memory of the great Alotta Money at the second annual Bitcoin Angel Castle Party 2023 by showcasing a curated selection of creators and raising funds for the cancer charity Maggie’s, in a charity art exhibition and auction.

The famous Bitcoin Angel Castle Party will be back in 2023, this time in the romantic Château de Vallery near Paris, France, and running over two nights, September 3–5, 2023. 

The event promises to be another unmissable event, not only to celebrate the fusion of 21st-century art and technology in a stunning ancient château but to contribute to an amazing cause by raising funds for a small charity that does important work supporting people living with cancer.

The event will bring together the biggest-name creators and collectors under one roof for two unforgettable nights.

Hackatao Hoodie Giveaway

  • Don’t miss your chance to snag an exclusive piece of wearable art designed by the renowned artist duo Hackatao. We’ve got a limited edition of 10 Hackatao Hoodies up for grabs, see below for details on how to get yours.
  • Castle Party Attendees: If you’re joining us at the Castle Party, come check out the Hackatao Hoodie on display and enter the raffle.
  • Alotta Money Exhibit Auction Bidders: Participate in the Alotta Money exhibit auctions on September 2-8. Every bid automatically earns you an entry into the raffle.
  • Alotta Royal Artwork Winner: The highest bidder of Hackatao’s “Alotta Royal” artwork can claim a Hackatao hoodie.
  • Q+K Community Giveaway: To qualify, make sure you own at least one Q+K Royal. Hackatao will capture a snapshot on September 4 and announce the winners by September 6.

Alotta Money Tribute Exhibition & Auction Artworks

Below is a preview of the artwork to be auctioned off in the Alotta Money Tribute Exhibition & Auction. Click on the name of your favorite artist to jump to that work or scroll down to see all of the artwork. 

NB: Images and videos have been compressed for faster load times.

  1. Pak
  2. Hackatao
  3. Jose Delbo
  4. Bryan Brinkman
  6. mbsjq
  7. Kitty Bast
  8. NFN Kalyan
  9. Perry Cooper
  10. Metageist
  11. Daniella Attfield
  12. Skeenee
  13. Mr Richi
  14. Pepelangelo
  16. George Boya
  17. noCreative
  18. Pascal Boyart
  19. Violetta Palak Jones
  20. EM!
  21. Daniel Martin
  22. Saint MG
  23. Glass Crane
  24. David Ariew
  25. NurArt
  26. Marc Simonetti
  27. Rukmunal Hakim
  28. Linus Dahlgren
  29. Afonso Caravaggio
  30. Andrea Bonaceto
  31. XCOPY
  32. ALOTTA MONEY (3 pieces)


More information here

404 by Pak


Alotta Royal by Hackatao

Jose Delbo

The Hero We Needed by Jose Delbo

Bryan Brinkman

Alotta Love by Bryan Brinkman




Respect Alotta, Alotta Respect by mbsjq

Kitty Bast

Untitled by Kitty Bast

NFN Kalyan

Son of Alotta by NFN Kalyan

Perry Cooper

Alotta Funny Money by Perry Cooper


Leap of Faith by Metageist

Daniella Attfield

Sunset by Daniella Attfield


Alotta Cheers by skeenee

Mr Richi

Always Look on the Bright Side of Art by Mr Richi


The Cult by Pepelangelo



George Boya

The Architect by George Boya


Metempsychosis by noCreative

Pascal Boyart

Dollars by Pascal Boyart

Violetta Palak Jones

Alotta Steampunk by Violetta Palak Jones


Robotta Money by EM!

Daniel Martin

Me as Mister Monnaie by Daniel Martin

Saint MG

The Creator by Saint MG

Glass Crane

Nested Fortune by Glass Crane

David Ariew

NEVERBORED by David Ariew


The Dream by NurArt

Marc Simonetti

Irreverence Loop by Marc Simonetti

Rukmunal Hakim

waktu adalah kamu (time is you) by Rukmanal Hakim

Linus Dahlgren

Pitter-painter by Linus Dahlgren

Afonso Caravaggio

ALOTTA by Afonso Caravaggio

Andrea Bonaceto

This piece will be displayed at the Castle Party but will not be available in the Auction.

ALOTTA MONEY by Andrea Bonaceto

Donated Artworks


Disintegration by XCOPY, donated by Moderats


Crypto Portrait Andreas Antonopoulos #12 by ALOTTA MONEY, donated by Moderats

Laughing Stock #48/55 by ALOTTA MONEY donated by Keldon

THC #0521 by ALOTTA MONEY donated by Basileus

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