East Meets West: A Tapestry of Lens & Oil is an extraordinary event, the culmination of a unique cultural exchange as three world-renowned oil painters interpret three evocative photographs by the acclaimed Russian photographer and courageous LGBTQ+ activist Olga Shpak.

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At the heart of this digital convergence stands AnimusLive, the visionary producer and curator, who champions artists and conceives exquisite and thought-provoking collaborations, bringing Arne SpangereidDavid Cheifetz, and Tania Rivilis together with Olga Shpak to showcase their masterful talents.

Arne Spangereid, the celebrated Norwegian painter, presents ‘Pauline Redux’, an animated oil painting which seamlessly fuses elements of Pop Art and classical painting. Through flattened forms and jittery GIF animation, Arne transports viewers into a realm where past and present collide. The painting serves as a poignant reminder of the human experience during times of conflict, signifying the resilience and hope that may emerge from adversity.

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David Cheifetz, the revered US painter, unveils ‘Closer Still’, a masterpiece that showcases his unparalleled technique. In this artwork, David’s strokes seem to breathe life into the canvas, mesmerising the audience with hyper-realistic details and bold use of colors. ‘Closer Still’ is a testament to David’s mastery, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a visceral world of enchantment.

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Tania Rivilis, the beloved half-Ukrainian painter, graces the exhibition with her acknowledged expertise in portraiture. In her interpretation of Olga Shpak’s photograph, Tania’s artwork emanates strength and introspection. Through her signature style, she brings forth the true essence of her subject, provoking viewers to contemplate the story which lies beneath the surface of her striking portrait. 

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At the core of ‘East Meets West’ is AnimusLive, the brilliant producer with an unwavering passion for art and its potential to unite humanity. With a discerning eye, AnimusLive has hand-picked the photographs for each artist, carefully curating a collection that weaves a tapestry of diverse perspectives and profound emotions. Through this bespoke collection, AnimusLive fosters an environment where artistic talents merge, celebrating cooperation and cultural understanding.

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As collectors and art enthusiasts explore the collection, they will find themselves immersed in a boundless realm of creativity. Each artwork represents a testament to the power of collaboration and the ability of art to transcend geographical and political boundaries.

East Meets West: A Tapestry of Lens & Oil is a profound celebration of unity in diversity, where Olga Shpak‘s captivating photography serves as the common thread connecting artists and audiences alike, forging an unforgettable digital tour de force.

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