“Unlike the closely guarded secrets of the photography world, glitch artists are often eager to share their techniques. With the Glitch Artists Collective, we even have a group dedicated to teaching new techniques, called “Tool Time,” where members are eager to share their discoveries.”

— Dawnia Darkstone

About Dawnia Darkstone

Glitch artist Dawnia Darkstone (@letsglitchit) evolved from photography to glitch after being enthralled by art and technology’s intersection. Her methods encompass sonification, AI-enhanced textures, and circuit bending (just to name a few) to create unique art pieces. Notably, she’s manipulated Google’s new music AI and tweaked inexpensive children’s cameras to generate one-of-a-kind visuals.

Darkstone’s contributions extend beyond art creation, with her interactive zine, Darkstone Review, and Crypto Webcams, a project addressing mass surveillance. She played a pivotal role in reshaping the glitch art community through her work in re-curating the Sotheby’s “Beyond Binary” exhibition to foster a more inclusive art space and drawing community appreciation.

Darkstone’s candidness about her bipolar disorder, its influence on her work, and the importance of self-care offer an inspiring narrative. She underscores the significance of supportive communities for artists, particularly those transitioning to full-time work. Her resilience, passion, and commitment to her community provide insightful glimpses into the glitch art world and navigating digital spaces.

Episode Highlights

  • The conversation begins with Darkstone’s artistic journey, transitioning from photography to glitch art.
  • Darkstone shares her enthusiasm for the intersection of art and technology.
  • She provides insights into her use of sonification techniques, AI-enhanced textures, and circuit bending to create unique artworks.
  • Darkstone discusses her innovative use of scanner glitches and a unique chemical process in her art.
  • She shares details about her interactive zine ‘Darkstone Review’ and her project ‘Crypto Webcams’, which raises awareness about mass surveillance.
  • Darkstone reflects on her role in re-curating the “Beyond Binary” glitch art exhibition and her involvement with Sotheby’s, along with the community responses these initiatives sparked.
  • The conversation then shifts to the intersection of mental health and artistic expression, with Darkstone openly discussing her experiences with bipolar disorder and its influence on her work.
  • She underlines the importance of self-care and maintaining healthy relationships for managing her creative process.
  • Darkstone emphasizes the need for artists, especially those transitioning into full-time work, to find or create a supportive community.
  • The dialogue explores the challenges of maintaining engagement in online communities, with Darkstone offering her experiences and practical tips for introverted individuals.

Please enjoy!

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The transcript of this episode can be found here.

The article “Glitch Art: An Absolute Beginners Guide” inspired by this conversation, can be read here.

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