“I see an opportunity here to grow, both as a creator and as a mentor for younger individuals like me.”

— Eric P. Rhodes

About Eric P. Rhodes

Eric P. Rhodes (@ericprhodes) is a digital artist and crypto OG whose strong perspective and distinctive approach have contributed a great deal to the web3 culture, including his creation and fostering of the Alt Punks movement and his early involvement in the trash art scene. 

Eric’s work is not limited to his own creations. He is deeply involved in the larger art community, sharing his expertise and insights with fellow artists and newcomers. Beyond the digital and artistic spheres, Eric is a thoughtful advocate for mental health and a believer in the therapeutic possibilities of art.

An intriguing personality, Eric is open about his past struggles with drug use, alcohol, anxiety, and depression, believing in the transformative power of honesty and openness. Despite his success, he remains grounded and dedicated to his personal and professional growth. 

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Episode Highlights:

  1. Eric discusses his journey into web3 during his recovery from an emotional breakdown in 2018, during a sabbatical from his career in design and technology. He details his entry into the crypto world, investing in Bitcoin, Chainlink, and Ethereum, and how a search for “crypto and art” on Twitter led him to the world of crypto art and NFTs.
  2. Discussing his future direction, Eric mentions his desire to delve deeper into specific areas of work, marking the end of his Genesis years as a transition into a new artistic phase. Eric P. Rhoads talks about his high-level approach to his artistic career, expressing his aim to use his platform to impact the mental health world positively.
  3. Eric shares a range of practices and books that have helped him both in his creative journey as well as on his mental health journey, not to mention the loneliness that so many denizens of the internet feel daily. 
  4. The artist and art marketing process — what it takes, what needs to be done, and how to think about yourself as a professional without sacrificing an emotional connection with collectors.
  5. The history of trash art, Rachel Siegel’s Thirst Trap, the birth of alt punks, and more web3 controversies in the name of justice.

Please enjoy!

The transcript of this episode can be found here. Watch the interview on YouTube.

The article “Unleashing Your Inner Healer: How to Use Art Therapy in Your Own Life” inspired by this conversation, can be read here

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