“When I start working, everything else disappears. It’s like meditation for me.”

— noCreative

About noCreative

Kristian Levin, also known as noCreative (@NoCreative_eth), is a professional retouch artist and photographer with 15 years of experience who turned into a 3D artist. He’s based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His work centers around 3D-based art, with emphasis on an exploration of architecture, art history, and the radical movement of fabrics suspended in weightlessness. Levin was introduced to the world of crypto art in late 2020 and has since become a rising star of the space.

Before pursuing art, Levin had various jobs in his teens and early 20s, including being an electrician and a street salesman. He moved to Copenhagen to study Japanese at the Copenhagen Business School but soon realized that he was more interested in playing around with Photoshop​​.

His artistic inspirations are drawn from photographers such as Mario Testino, Henrik Bülow, Trine Søndergaard, Blaise Reuterswärd, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ansel Adams, and Annie Leibovitz, among many others. He’s also influenced by Dadaists and surrealists like Magritte, Miró, and Dalí, as well as the great masters like Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo, Raphael, and the painters of Baroque like Rembrandt, P.S. Krøyer, and Carl Locher. In addition, he draws inspiration from architecture, particularly brutalism, and various themes, lighting, and compositions​​.

Levin’s process for creating art involves using AI for mood boarding and creating textures, modeling in Cinema 4D, and doing the simulations in Houdini. He renders, textures, and lights using Octane Render and does post-production in either Photoshop or Davinci Resolve, in addition to several other supportive programs and plugins​7.

Levin’s advice to other artists starting out is to be part of a community, be consistent, and have curiosity. He emphasizes the importance of speaking to everyone you can, and he notes that many of his interactions in the NFT space have led to cherished friendships​.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Inspired by architecture and museums visited since childhood, noCreative infuses these influences into his art, hinting at future works inspired by renowned museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre.
  2. Known for his signature floating fabric and textured designs, noCreative crafts realistic digital environments before introducing surreal elements, using post-production color modifications to accentuate the magical aspect of his art.
  3. noCreative draws artistic influence from unique films and books, and his “Nature as an Object” series depicts a hypothetical future where nature is objectified and plants can only be viewed in museums, reflecting his fascination with the relationship between humans and nature​​.
  4. In his animated works, noCreative employs sound design to augment the narrative, often deciding to animate based on the complexity of the task, and incorporates AI in his workflow to expedite the creative process and avoid potential copyright issues​​.
  5. noCreative is a part of Bloom Collective, an artist group aimed at supporting each other and advancing the community, and he emphasizes the importance of consistency and providing value to others in marketing, while adapting to changing social media algorithms​3.

Please enjoy!

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