The Bloom Collective AI x MakersPlace Exhibit, a curation that celebrates the intersection of art and artificial intelligence. At the heart of this exhibit is the vibrant diversity of artwork, artists, and the innovative tools they employ to push the boundaries of creative expression.

To kick off and celebrate this curation set, MakersPlace engaged with every artist in the exhibit to learn more about their backgrounds, how they use AI, and the advice they have for artists (and artistically inclined “non-artists”) looking to augment their creative practices with AI.

 To read the interviews, see below. To see the exhibit, click here.


May I, Bloom by GlitchofMind

Read our Q&A with GlitchofMind


eanao pivoipc by grebenshyo

Read our Q&A with grebenshyo

Noortje Stortelder

HAPPINESS by Noortje Stortelder

Read our Q&A with Noortje Stortelder


In Bull and Bear //ERR202 by Deconstruct

Read our Q&A with Deconstruct


Whispers Within the Wave’s Gaze by Lykai

Read our Q&A with Lykai

Georgina Hooper

Chinese Whispers by Georgina Hooper

Read our Q&A with Georgina Hooper


A Pink Vase Holding A Beachy Flower Arrangement In The Middle Of An Empty Room On The Third Floor Of A Large Building by noper

Read our Q&A with noper

Custom Horror

Just Chillin’ by Custom Horror

Read our Q&A with Custom Horror

Renée Campbell

Silken Wave by Renée Campbell

Read our Q&A with Renée Campbell

Studio Brasch

Aikebana N°161 by Studio Brasch

Read our Q&A with Studio Brasch

Coming soon… Our Q&A with Maritza Molina

Visit the BLOOM Collective AI Exhibit, Explore // Embrace

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