A series of brief conversations with prominent AI artists to get a behind-the-scenes view of the different ways that AI fits into the creative process

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Brady Walker: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Renée Campbell: My name is Renée Campbell. I am an artist from Sydney, Australia, known for my distinctive floral macro photography. My aim is to instill a sense of tranquility in the viewer, sharing my meditative contemplation of color and form. Currently, I’m exploring the use of AI in my artistic practice, utilizing my macro images as a foundation to cultivate a fresh botanical universe. By harnessing the power of AI, I can infuse dynamic movement into my static captures, breathing new life into my art.

Silken Wave by Renée Campbell

BW: What has AI allowed you to create that you never would’ve otherwise?

RC: I see flowers as graceful dancers. With my macro lens, I capture their elegance, and with AI, I create their movement. The blending of human and machine in my AI work extends my practice to enable me to capture movement in a still image, which was previously unachievable.

BW: Can you describe your process from pre-idea to finished piece?

RC: My work is an exploration of movement and color. It starts with photography, capturing undiscovered abstract worlds hidden between the petals, and using that image to seed images in AI. I vary the prompt slightly depending on the photograph used. This adds fluidity to the process and highlights the unexpected nature of collaboration with AI. Once I have images to work with, I utilize Photoshop to bring to life what I envision as the finished piece. This often involves merging two or more images together to get the right movement and flow. Once the colors and shapes make me feel the movement and tranquility, the work is complete.

Pathways by Renée Campbell

BW: Do you have any practical tips for going from a total AI art beginner to a true AI artist? (Take the term “true AI artist” however you like)

RC: There’s no limit to what AI can do. It can help you create, so explore the possibilities, but do it with intention. It’s very easy to get caught up in what you can create, so stay focused on using it as a tool to communicate your vision. Make sure to stay true to that and create work that is distinctively you.

BW: Can you give our readers a few prompt snippets or style prompts to experiment with?

RC: I create a lot of work as an art diary to explore thoughts and ideas. These works are only for me and won’t be released, but there are a few words I love to use in those prompts. “Ethereal” and “pastel” always give me the dreamy colors I’m looking for, and “unrealistic” is always fun to make the perfect image more of a treasure hunt. ☺

Skeleton of a Flower by Renée Campbell

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