A series of brief conversations with prominent AI artists to get a behind-the-scenes view of the different ways that AI fits into the creative process

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Brady Walker: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

GlitchofMind: Hello everyone, I’m GlitchOfMind, a visual artist from the Dominican Republic currently based in the Netherlands. I embarked on my creative journey about 7-8 years ago, predominantly utilizing photography as a medium. This passion ignited when I moved to Amsterdam, where I was inspired by the city’s enchanting, fairy-tale-like architecture.

During this period, I developed an interest in portraiture and dived into composite photography. While working on commissioned photographs, I simultaneously pursued tutorials by composite photographers, with Brooke Shaden serving as a significant source of inspiration. I’ve had the privilege of exhibiting my work across the Netherlands and participating in profoundly meaningful projects that highlight the experiences of my black queer community. 

After joining the NFT community over two years ago, I developed a fascination with 3D art, which allowed me to create without the constraints of photography. Despite my enduring love for photography, 3D art provided a newfound sense of freedom, enabling me to reimagine my experiences into fantastical scenes and characters. Recently, my work has heavily focused on character design and storytelling.

May I, Bloom? by GlitchofMind

BW: What has AI allowed you to create that you never would’ve otherwise?

GM: AI has enabled me to visualize ideas almost instantly! The thought of conjuring an image from imagination and instantly manifesting it was once just a dream. Now, it’s a reality. In terms of my own practice, one incredible feature is the ability to create unique patterns and fabrics for my costumes, which would have otherwise been virtually impossible. It allows me to explore different aesthetics without compromising my vision.

BW: Can you describe your process from pre-idea to finished piece?

GM: I typically find inspiration at night. I play my favorite songs (or sounds) depending on my mood, grab my iPad, and start drawing; sometimes the concepts come first, and sometimes the garments. I then begin researching images and stories using keywords inspired by the concepts, such as “moody cinematic,” “Victorian dress,” or “forest.” 

Once my idea is clear (although it occasionally changes completely), I start posing the character, crafting the costume in Marvelous Designer (MD), and simulating the fabrics. After setting the scene and lighting, I use Stable Diffusion to iterate patterns and fabrics that are later converted into 3D and applied to the garment. Then, it’s time to render! The resulting image is post-processed in Photoshop and Lightroom to fine-tune the color grading, coloring, and overall mood.

DISSOCIATIVE (wonder) by GlitchofMind

BW: Do you have any practical tips for going from a total AI art beginner to a true AI artist? (Take the term “true AI artist” however you like)

GM: Truthfully, I don’t consider myself a full AI artist. I’ve simply learned to appreciate and embrace technology, finding ways to incorporate it into my workflow. As I’m still learning, I look forward to seeing how it evolves. There’s no stopping its progress. So, my advice would be to consider how AI could help express your ideas and concepts and to experiment with it. If you’re open to it, AI can expand your creativity in ways you only dreamed of.

BW: Can you give our readers a few prompt snippets or style prompts to experiment with?

GM: While my prompts aren’t exceptionally long, a friend once advised me to use ChatGPT to generate words and descriptions when my mind goes blank. This happens to me every time I need to prompt, perhaps because English is not my first language. Engage in a conversation with ChatGPT, and it will help you come up with eloquent wording that aligns with what you’re seeking. Remember, it’s all about trial and error.

Grand Sante by GlitchofMind

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