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Brady Walker: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Deconstruct, Deconstructing reality. One pixel at a time.

Deconstruct: A Tokyo-based experimental mixed media artist, I specialize in expressing individual artistic potential through cutting-edge AI and machine learning-enhanced digital media. I use AI to create intricate digital artworks and have developed a unique creative process. This pipeline merges scripting with traditional digital painting software and tools, which allows me to visualize, augment, and manipulate a universe of endless possibilities. Through this approach, I craft a coherent visual experience that showcases the beauty of the unknown and unfamiliar. These unprecedented scenes emerge from the depths of various artificial intelligence model’s latent spaces.

God Save the Queen //ERR502 by Deconstruct

BW: What has AI allowed you to create that you never would’ve otherwise?

Deconstruct: AI has paved the way for me to explore new dimensions of creativity that I may never have discovered otherwise. Specifically, it has expanded my artistic repertoire, enabling the generation of textures, shapes, and patterns that would be either impossible or overly laborious to create by hand.

Additionally, AI and machine learning have facilitated my deep dive into the latent spaces of generative models, teeming with uncharted artistic prospects. The algorithms consistently surprise me, producing output that is not merely random but abstract in a meaningful way. They create complex, captivating visual experiences that can’t be achieved by traditional methods alone.

By manipulating these algorithms, I’m able to experiment with the borders between human creativity and artificial intelligence. This experimentation yields a unique blend of digital art that combines human thought and emotion with AI capabilities. This unique fusion breathes life into never-before-seen scenes that expand the imagination and challenge conventional views of art. AI has equipped me with the tools necessary to create artworks that traverse the intersection of human and machine, merging the two in a vivid display of colors, shapes, and ideas. This interplay challenges the status quo and unveils new frontiers in digital art.

State of the Union //ERR404 by Deconstruct

BW: Can you describe your process from pre-idea to finished piece?

Deconstruct: My creative process is rather fluid, often sparked by sudden surges of inspiration. These unexpected conceptual epiphanies serve as the driving force for the visual manifestation of my ideas. Typically, it all starts with an intense urge, a powerful idea demanding visual representation.

This initial inspiration propels me to generate a variety of assets using multiple AI models. In this exploration phase, I strive to find outputs that best align with my conceptual vision, using these as the groundwork for subsequent stages.

The next phase involves manipulation—dismantling and reconstructing elements, continually tweaking and refining. Much like a sculptor revealing a form from a block of marble, I deconstruct the AI-generated images to carve a cohesive narrative from the disorder.

My primary medium of communication is usually an animated piece, composed frame by frame until it faithfully encapsulates the intended concept. Through this process of deconstruction and reconstruction, I aim to translate the initial spark of an idea into a visual narrative that resonates with viewers.

BW: Do you have any practical tips for going from a total AI art beginner to a true AI artist? (Take the term “true AI artist” however you like)

Deconstruct: Dive in and explore every resource you can access. Dedicate time to mastering the tools and avoid the temptation to publicize your early works. Art demands time to evolve and form, and for your unique style to emerge. Essentially, patience is key. Allow yourself at least six months to study and practice before presenting any of your works to the world.

In Bull and Bear //ERR202 by Deconstruct

Visit Deconstruct’s MakersPlace profile

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