A series of brief conversations with prominent AI artists to get a behind-the-scenes view of the different ways that AI fits into the creative process

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Brady Walker: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Custom Horror: Hello everyone! I’m Custom Horror, and I’m thrilled to be selected for the Bloom AI Exhibit. As an artist, I’ve been diving into the depths of creativity and embracing my alter ego, Custom Horror, since 2008.

Originally from Kraków, Poland, I now reside in Copenhagen, Denmark. My art is a unique blend of mediums, characterized by rapid brushstrokes, intricate details, and an intuitive approach that defines my unmistakable style.

Through my artwork, I aim to capture and express the raw emotions and fleeting moments of life. I don’t adhere to a specific message, but rather allow viewers to interpret and connect with my art in their own way.

The support and love I’ve received from the NFT community have been extraordinary. With over 1000 unique wallets collecting my art, I’m truly grateful for the dedicated following I’ve built. Art sales have surpassed $230,000, and I’ve had the privilege of attracting the attention of respected influencers like XCOPY.

My unwavering passion and commitment drive me to push the boundaries of imagination and leave a lasting impact on the art world. I invite viewers to join me on a journey of self-discovery and exploration through my vibrant and thought-provoking artwork.

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m excited to be part of the Bloom AI Exhibit and connect with readers who appreciate the magic of creativity.

Just Chillin’ by Custom Horror

BW: What has AI allowed you to create that you never would’ve otherwise?

CH: Ah, that’s a fascinating question! When I first delved into the realm of AI and its integration into my creative process, it was a gradual journey of exploration and discovery. I approached it with a desire to retain the essence of my artistic identity while leveraging the power of AI to enhance my artistic expressions.

Rather than AI completely reshaping my artistic creations, it has acted as a catalyst for an accelerated evolution of my work. I began by using AI to prompt and generate images, carefully layering my own artistic touch on top of its outputs. This collaborative dance between my intuition and the AI’s contributions has truly transformed the way my art evolves.

The AI-generated images provide a rich backdrop for my characters, creating immersive worlds I might not have conceived on a blank canvas. It sparks a captivating interplay of ideas, as my intuitions respond not only to what I create but also to the unique offerings presented by AI.

It’s worth noting that AI’s craftsmanship and its accumulated knowledge from training data can elevate certain aspects of my work. However, I always strive to disrupt its perfection and inject my personal touch to ensure the final piece exudes my own expressive soul. After all, I believe that the true essence of art lies in the beauty of imperfections and the flow of brushstrokes.

Moreover, AI’s early versions often birthed unexpected and endearing errors, adding an element of whimsy and serendipity to the creative process. Embracing these quirks and infusing them with my own artistic intuition has resulted in a delightful fusion of human and AI creativity.

In essence, AI has propelled my artistic evolution, nudging me to respond to its offerings while staying true to my own creative instincts. It has opened new avenues for exploration, allowing my art to mutate and transform at an accelerated pace. The marriage between my artistic vision and the potential of AI has unlocked a world of endless possibilities, captivating both myself and my audience in this enthralling artistic journey.

BW: Can you describe your process from pre-idea to finished piece?

CH: My process varies greatly from piece to piece, but it always begins with a blank canvas and a sense of curiosity. Sometimes, I dive into a piece without any specific idea in mind, allowing my intuition to guide me. Other times, when using AI, I generate ideas on the fly by prompting the AI with desired scenes or moods.

Once I find an AI-generated output that excites me, I begin painting on top of it, adding my personal touch and ensuring that the artwork reflects my visual identity. It’s a delicate balance between the AI’s influence and my own creative expression. I experiment with different approaches, sometimes training AI models based on my existing artwork to generate pieces that embody the essence of my style.

Throughout the process, I engage in an explorative experience, continually refining the piece until I feel it’s complete. Additionally, I explore other mediums such as virtual reality painting, creating 3D animations based on my artwork, and composing original music for my animated pieces.

In essence, my workflow is fluid and adaptive, allowing me to explore various avenues of creativity and bring my unique vision to life.

Word Dance by Custom Horror

BW: Do you have any practical tips for going from a total AI art beginner to a true AI artist? (Take the term “true AI artist” however you like)

CH: My practical tip for aspiring AI artists, or any artists for that matter, is to simply experiment and have fun. It may sound basic, but embracing this mindset allows you to discover your passion and develop the dedication required to excel as an artist.

Whether you’re working with AI or traditional methods, the key to being a true artist lies in expressing yourself authentically and embarking on a personal journey of self-discovery. Art should be a means of exploring your own truth rather than solely aiming to please others.

Paradoxically, when you fearlessly delve into the depths of self-expression, you naturally resonate with others and gain recognition for your unique perspective. So, my advice is to embrace the process of self-discovery, be courageous in sharing your truth, and let the joy of experimentation guide your artistic journey.

BW: Can you give our readers a few prompt snippets or style prompts to experiment with?

CH: Haha, of course!

The prompt I used for my exhibited piece was ‘A Joe sitting in an empty room.’

It’s a simple concept that allowed the AI to generate various interpretations.

In my artistic process, I prioritize exploration over strict control of the AI’s output. I enjoy embracing the surprises and unexpected results that emerge from this collaboration.

So, my tip for experimentation is to try specific prompts that capture your imagination.

Don’t worry too much about controlling the AI; instead, let it unfold its unique perspectives and see where it takes you. The beauty lies in the creative journey and the unexpected discoveries that come along the way.

Drive by driving by Custom Horror

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