We are excited to announce the MakersPlace Artist Launchpad Program, our new creator-focused accelerator program. Our goal is to help you invest in your art, grow your community and achieve success.

Join the MakersPlace Artist Launchpad Program and level up your career in Web3. An accelerator program exclusively for verified creators. Applications to participate are due on June 9, 2023. Full program details below.

If you want to be on Broadway, move to New York City. If you want to be a VC investor, move to San Francisco. If you want to be a TV or film actor, move to Los Angeles. But where do you go to make your mark as a digital artist in web3? And once you’re there, how do you make your mark? 

The crypto art world is new and ever evolving. As in any creative industry, the ways in are manifold, but are there vetted best practices? If it’s not just about the art, then what is it about? How does an artist who’s already mastered their craft take the next step to gain recognition and a decent price point for their hard work?

The MakersPlace Artist Launchpad Program was created to answer these questions, designed to help artists succeed by teaching them how to leverage community and content to gain traction in the market. 

The program will run for four months, starting in June and ending in September. Structured as a semester, the program emphasizes education, community, and motivation, encouraging artists to invest in their careers as much as they have their craft.

Key Points


In the web3 space, community is key. That’s why we’ve set up a private Discord server just for program members. Here, artists can connect, share, and network. This collaboration and knowledge sharing helps members understand what success requires.


At MakersPlace, we value knowledge as the path to success. We’ve built an education hub in Notion to equip members with practical tips and key information on our monthly course topic. Keeping abreast of new strategies and techniques helps artists stand out in a competitive market.


We’re excited to team up with The Dream Conduit, a non-profit aiding budding web3 artists. Their workshops, mentorship, and classes guide artists on serving themselves and their audiences. We’ve also partnered with top artists and collectors for exclusive interviews, giving participants a chance to learn from field experts.


Our rewards program celebrates members who hit program milestones. Every month, we launch a new challenge with prizes like free minting credits, features on MakersPlace’s platforms, and personal exhibit opportunities. It’s our way to applaud our artists’ effort and boost their NFT careers.

Apply Now

To sign up for the MakersPlace Artist Launchpad Program, please submit your information here. Members will be contacted the week of June 16 with program details. 

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