“The key is not to take ourselves too seriously. If we truly understand the meaninglessness of it all, then irony and nonchalance make more sense than nobility or defiance.”

— sgt_slaughtermelon

About sgt_slaughtermelon

sgt_slaughtermelon (@sgt_sl8termelon) is a digital artist working mostly in abstract compositions — often code-driven. His designs span the gamut from looking backward to modernist and Bahaus-influenced geometric abstraction to crumbling code-addled neon structures fit for a future age. 

He is best known for his Artblocks drop autoRAD, “Lazlo Lissitsky” generative Swiss modern collection, and his glitch artwork across the blockchain and on album covers. He recently had a sold-out drop called Cantographs on the Canto blockchain and, the same week, a sold-out collaboration with FiveTimesNo on MakersPlace. 

sgt_slaughtermelon earns the high distinction in my book as being an articulate artist who takes his art seriously while at the same time being incredibly playful and taking absolutely nothing seriously. If you’re interested in his work, I highly recommend you check out his website sgtslaughtermelon.com to read some of the extensive essays he writes on each of his series. 

Episode Highlights:

  1. Collaboration and community in glitch art: The importance of collaborations in pushing the boundaries of glitch art and the sense of novelty that comes from working with others in the glitch community.
  2. The Glitch Forge project: A discussion about Glitch Forge, a generative art tool for Tezos, and its aim to provide a platform for collaboration between artists and coders to create unique projects.
  3. Consistency versus innovation: The dilemma artists face in maintaining a signature style while avoiding repetition and embracing new ideas, with insights on finding the balance and trusting artistic intuition.
  4. Balancing life and creativity: Insights on time management and the artist’s approach to balancing a full-time job, creating art, participating in communities, and parenting, emphasizing the importance of not being desperate and approaching art with an open hand.
  5. Personal growth and art: Advice to the artist’s 20-year-old self to focus on personal growth and cultivating a sense of culture before fully committing to being an artist, highlighting the value of learning and exploring beyond the latest trends.

Please enjoy!

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The transcript of this episode can be found here.

The article “The Artist’s Dilemma: Striking a Balance Between Consistency and Innovation” inspired by this interview, can be read here. 

You can read our very first interview with sgt_slaughtermelon here.

Show Notes

People, Places, & Things Mentioned

Time-Stamped Episode Highlights

  • [1:54] Introduction and Discussion on Inaccessible Worlds Collection
  • [4:05] Exploration of Game Corruption and Origin of Artistic Concept
  • [6:34] The Impossibility of Describing a Body of Work (with David Bowie)
  • [8:11] The Intersection of Physical and Digital: Sgt_slaughtermelon’s Artistic Methods
  • [9:29] Embracing Texture and Digital Transformation in Art
  • [10:55] Glitch Art and Collaboration: Pushing Boundaries and Breaking Mirrors
  • [17:57] The Art of Finishing: Sgt_slaughtermelon’s Approach to Completion and Composition in Glitch Art
  • [20:41] sgt_slaughtermelon’s Experiences with Art Reproduction and Sales
  • [24:17] The Metaverse and Everyday Life: Sgt_slaughtermelon on the Role and Accessibility of Digital Art
  • [24:50] Venturing into Crypto: Sgt_slaughtermelon’s Journey with Based Money and Based Ghouls
  • [26:11] Creating Community and NFT Art: The Experience of Building and Thriving in the Based Ecosystem
  • [31:16] The Intersection of DeFi and Art: Divergent Paths Between Glitch Forge and Based Ghouls
  • [32:41] Birth of Glitch Forge: Realizing a Sandbox for Generative Art on Tezos
  • [34:59] Gamification in Glitch Forge: Auctions, Tokens, and the Smelter
  • [37:30] Appreciating the Labor of Love: Building Glitch Forge amid Challenges
  • [37:38] Balancing Signature Style with Diversity in Art: A Lesson from Musicians
  • [41:23] The Importance of Internal Consistency in PFP Projects 
  • [43:57] Balancing Depth and Enjoyment in Artistic Expression 
  • [49:48] Navigating Frustration and Roadblocks in Creative Practice 
  • [51:59] Overcoming Frustration: Persistence and Market Realities 
  • [55:20] Exploring Alternative Mediums: Challenges and Opportunities 
  • [56:58] Time Management and the Importance of Balance 
  • [1:00:34] Embracing Intuition and the Intuitive Nature of Digital Art 
  • [1:00:34] Cultivating a Broad Sense of Culture and Counterculture 
  • [1:00:34] Balancing Personal Growth and Artistic Development 

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