“The biggest challenge when you start to gain visibility in your art is avoiding the comfort zone. Comfort is the enemy of art and creation.” 

— Leo Caillard

About Leo Caillard

Today, we are thrilled to have with us digital artist and marble sculptor, Leo Caillard (@leocaillard). A proponent of new technologies and science, Leo’s interests lay in exploring time and quantum physics and our relationship with time, eventually leaving the world of numbers and expressing his investigations through a career in art. 

After graduating from École des Gobelins in 2008, he continued studying the history of art and practiced photography while carrying out research in the realm of 3D and new media. He studied marble sculpture in Italy, which may be where his dialogue with time began as someone working with one of the oldest art forms and one of the newest. 

Since 2013, Leo has produced many sculptures expanding on the concept of marble and bronze works wearing casual, hip clothes and other anachronistic accoutrements of our modern era. His point is not mere cleverness but really has to do with aspects of self-image, art, and time, which we’ll discuss in today’s episode. 

Leo sees himself as part of a new movement, a sort of neo-Renaissance, where artists and intellectuals of all persuasions seek to draw upon classical cultures to regain strong roots with a new way of thinking, contrary to a linear temporal approach.

Episode Highlights:

  • NFTs’ Impact: NFTs’ transformative role in art with French artist Leo Caillard, discussing initial skepticism and acceptance.
  • Artistic Evolution: Leo’s creative journey, style development, and balance between momentum and exploration were discussed, with emphasis on his future-oriented art.
  • Art Market Wisdom: Leo shared common artist mistakes and the importance of quality, scarcity, and value in art.
  • Time Management: Leo’s strategies for schedule maintenance, organization, and self-management were discussed.
  • Creative Process: Leo revealed his inspiration sources, the importance of deadlines, and compared artistic discipline to athletic discipline.
  • And so much more!

Please enjoy!

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The transcript of this episode can be found here.

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