Following up on the launch of our AI Generative Art category, MakersPlace is introducing an AI Art Hackathon at NFC Lisbon featuring world-renowned artists BLΛC, Illustrata, DVK the artist and TheDigitalCoy in collaboration with Trevor Jones, Hackatao, Coldie, 0009, DeltaSauce, and poet Sasha Stiles.

Collectors of Editions sold during the event will receive exclusive benefits, including the chance to win a unique 1/1 phygital by Coldie, exclusive pre-sales, and much more over the coming months on MakersPlace.

The beginning of a revolution

We’re just at the beginning of a revolution, not just in art but in every domain of life – this is the era of AI collaboration. But, like with anything new and different, there are always doubters. This groundbreaking event will unveil the creative process behind AI-generated art, highlighting the remarkable skill, vision, and ingenuity that enable this new art form. 

This epic event is going to shape the way we see the AI era. It’s going to pull back the curtain on the AI art-making process, showing off the amazing creativity, skill, and artistic vision that makes this new kind of art possible. It’s going to prove that AI art isn’t just some emotionless creation of a computer. Quite the opposite! It will show that AI art is deeply human and can have a soul. It will show that “AI-generated art” is, in fact, art.

Participating Artists

Over 48 hours, artists BLΛC, Illustrata, DVK the artist, and TheDigitalCoy will create art in person. Inspired by a poem written by Sasha Stiles in collaboration with 0009 and DeltaSauce, their work will be available for purchase on MakersPlace. The poem will have Open and Limited Editions, accompanied by unlockable robotically-painted physical works from Artmatr. Sasha’s poem will be licensed under CC0 for unrestricted use.

The artists will receive Sasha’s poem a day before the event and will draw upon it for their artistic inspiration. Located in the heart of the conference floor, the hackathon will kick off with the artists’ unique AI prompt. Attendees can watch the artistic process unfold in real-time on screens, providing them a unique opportunity to witness the creation of art.

After two days of creation on the conference floor, the artworks will be completed and subsequently auctioned as unique pieces (1/1s) on MakersPlace in an exclusive drop on Thursday, June 15, 2023.

Trevor Jones and Hackatao collabs

During the hackathon, unexpected artistic breaks will occur. On June 7 and 8, artists Trevor Jones and Hackatao will surprise participants with mystery artifacts to be integrated into their artworks. The artists will respond and adapt to these surprises in real time, with no prior notice.

Snapshots of the evolving artworks will be taken when the clock is paused. These snapshots will be minted and sold as Limited Editions, providing a narrative of the artists’ creative processes. Collectors will have a unique opportunity to own a piece of this process.

Coldie remix in partnership with Artmatr

A New Age is Here by Coldie

In the meantime, artist Coldie will be present to creatively combine the artworks of the four participating artists into a single collage. After the first day, Artmatr’s Brooklyn studio will use their proprietary MATRing robot to convert the artists’ sketches into tangible paintings. These paintings will be transported to Lisbon and blended by Coldie into one unique physical artwork. This piece, bearing the signatures of Coldie, Trevor, and the participating artists, will be a remarkable 1/1 that cannot be replicated and will be raffled off.

A month later, Coldie will be back in action. Coldie will remix physical versions of the artists’ final 1/1s, provided by Artmatr, and generate corresponding digital stereoscopic artworks. These blended physical-digital pieces, will be sold as 1/1s later this year.

Unlockable benefits for OE and LE holders

Anyone purchasing the Open and Limited Editions by Sasha Stiles or the Limited Editions by the four artists in collaboration with Trevor Jones and Hackatao will gain access to exclusive benefits with even more to be announced in the coming months.

Holder benefits:

  • Raffle to win Artmatr robotically-painted physical works signed by signed by one or more of the artists, including by Trevor Jones at Castle Party 2023
  • Raffle to win a printed poster of a Limited Edition signed by one of the artists
  • Printed posters of the Limited Editions
  • Raffle to win 2 tickets to Trevor Jones’s Castle Party 2023 in Burgundy, France (travel excluded)
  • Raffle to win exclusive tour of Artmatr’s Robot facility in Brooklyn (travel excluded)
  • Raffle to win Club dVIN memberships, the world’s premier global NFT wine club
  • Presale access and exclusive pricing for future drops from DeltaSauce, DVK the artist, CharlesAI, 0009, Dehiscence and more
  • More to be announced

Additionally, holders of each Limited Edition by the four artists (a total of 8 Editions) or the 1/1s will be entered into a raffle to win the above-mentioned 1/1 created by Coldie on the ground at NFC Lisbon. The snapshot for the raffle will be taken Friday June 23, 2023.

Final holder benefits to be announced during NFC Lisbon. Get notified here!

Partnerships making it all possible

The AI Hackathon is made possible due to the help of amazing partners and sponsors, including Artmatr, HBAR Foundation, Crowell & Moring LLP, Cazares LLP, ObscuraDAO, LG Art Lab, CryptoMondays Palo Alto, Mobile Programming and anonymous donors.

Lord Truffington from Truffles Art generously sponsored TheDigitalCoy who was selected from an Open Call held by ObscuraDAO to participate in the event.

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