An exclusive MakersPlace white-glove service for creators to track and counter copyright infringements.

At MakersPlace, we take pride in providing creators with a reliable and trusted platform for selling your artworks directly to collectors and fans worldwide. 

Creators should fully own the destiny of their digital artworks. As such, you need the ability to fully track and manage the use or exploitation of your portfolio.

Often, fakes of creators’ original artwork are found and bought on other marketplaces, leading to a loss in collector trust and a drop in creator sales.

Other times, derivative artworks based on originals are detected. For some creators, the awareness of derivative artworks can result in healthy and dynamic collaborations or remix opportunities.

As a creator, tracking all marketplaces for either counterfeit or derivative artworks can be time-consuming. MakersPlace’s Art Monitoring Service addresses this challenge by giving you full control over how your artworks are used.

Service Benefits

MakersPlace’s Art Monitoring Service provides creators with peace of mind by proactively monitoring and detecting copyright infringements across all web3 marketplaces, followed by enforcing takedowns as requested.

Complete Infringement Detection

The service employs proprietary technology for IP infringement, monitoring all major web3 marketplaces on behalf of creators. Cutting-edge computer vision models conduct an extensive image search to identify copycats and logo models to detect trademark infringements.

Immediate Takedowns

Upon detecting copyright infringements, with permission from the creator, the service reviews and initiates takedown requests, saving creators time. Takedowns typically take less than a day. In a recent study, over 90% of takedowns occurred within minutes.

Two Tiers of Service

MakersPlace Drop Scan

  • Monitors all artworks included in an upcoming drop on MakersPlace
  • Scans the ecosystem up to one week prior to the drop and two weeks after the drop

Global Scan

  • Monitors a creator’s full portfolio across any marketplace, including previous MakersPlace drops
  • Scans are conducted every quarter

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Header image: Euforia by Rodolfo De La Luz