Stefania by Kalush Orchestra (compressed here for faster on-site load time)

MakersPlace is excited to announce its collaboration with Kalush Orchestra to release an open edition NFT featuring Psiuk’s signature pink bucket hat along with the song “Stefania” for $99. 

The digital piece of art is called “Stefania”. It was designed by Danil Ulanov, a Ukrainian artist, born in 2000 in the city of Dnipro. It shows the iconic pink bucket hat of Kalush Orchestra’s band leader Oleh Psiuk, accompanied by Kalush Orchestra’s Song “Stefania” and surrounded by traditional Ukrainian ornaments.

Partial proceeds from each sale benefit Ukrainian charities efforts to provide community healthcare within war-torn Ukraine.

Buy the Open Edition artwork here

Kalush Orchestra represented their home country, Ukraine, at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Their iconic performance of the song “Stefania” made Kalush Orchestra the face and the voice of a nation currently undergoing challenging times. Amidst a war that has the world on edge and sharing in its suffering, Kalush Orchestra decided it is more important than ever to stand their ground.

Since winning last year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “Stefania,” the song’s video has accumulated over 54 million views on YouTube. There have been 330,000 videos recorded for the track on TikTok, and it has amassed 52 million audio streams.

Over the past year, Kalush Orchestra toured the US, performing 18 shows in just three weeks. They also released several songs, such as “In The Shadows” with the Finnish band, The Rasmus, their first English song, “Changes,” and “Ushme Uturbe,” a collaborative track with Canadian artist bbno$.

“Pink Panama,” a piece of merchandise from Kalush Orchestra, is actively sold at auctions worldwide. “We haven’t kept count, but we receive requests almost every week for a Panama hat to be offered in a charity raffle or auction.

We are glad that the symbol of our band and our victory at Eurovision 2022 has now also turned into digital art. We believe that, in this form, our pink Panama will help raise even more funds to assist Ukrainians affected by the war,” said Oleh Psiuk, the leader of Kalush Orchestra.

The ESC is an international song competition organized annually by the European Broadcasting Union. It features participants representing various European countries, each submitting an original song to be performed live on television and radio.

Buy the Open Edition artwork here

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