We had an amazing time at NFT.NYC, and even more than the events at Javits Center, the innumerable side events brought together some of the world’s most amazing artists, curators, collectors, and web3 builders. 

From April 12 to April 14, we had the opportunity to meet so many artists, collectors, technologists, and others across New York City. There were countless exhibitions, installations, workshops, and parties; and even just managing the many events we were managing was enough of a handful, even as we tried to squeeze in more.

It would be impossible to cover everything, so we’re going to stick to the highlights today in the hopes that we’ll see you at the next event and you can give us the recap! 

Women in Web3 Breakfast

It was our pleasure to welcome over 500 attendees at the Glass Ceiling NoMad and kick off the NFT NYC conference with our Women in Web3 Breakfast Event and bring the WXw3 Exhibition from Paris to NYC. It was a great joining of communities, uplifting women in web3, and highlighting exceptional art.

A packed breakfast kicking off NFT.NYC

Partners & Sponsors

We would not have been able to host this event without our community partners (World of Women, Eyes of Fashion NFT, as well as Bad Bitch Empire) and our sponsor support (BitGo, Magna, Sheppard Mullin, MUSE Frame)

MUSE Shoutout

We’d like to extend a huge shoutout to MUSE, who provided the digital art frames, along with an exclusive offer for a Jimmy NFT with the purchase of a screen. The offer is still available for a limited time to the first 99 people who purchase a frame. Learn more.

Our very own Georgia Andre with her WOW #7159 in a MUSE frame.


During the Women in Web3 Breakfast event, performance art duo Neosutras shared their art in real life, which was also captured as an open edition digital collectible. Congratulations to Sarah Conley Odenkirk, the open-edition raffle winner! The performance coincided with their Fabric of Life drop, which includes two limited-edition animated 3D artworks with unlockable sculptures that are still available for purchase.

Speaker Sessions

We also took over the main stage at NFT NYC for an incredible chat on the disruption of NFTs in the art world with Claus Enevoldsen (CMO, MakersPlace) and Caitlin Cruikshank (BD, MakersPlace) alongside artists Parin Heidari (Social, MakersPlace), noCreative and Saks Afridi.

Artist Saks Afridi on how NFTs changed the art world, how he incorporates physical work into his digital practice, and where his work is going with the advent of AI.


We also showcased art on the MUSE screens and MPs Phil was on a cool panel at the Korean NFT event. 

Before the floodgates opened, a moment of quiet with giant art.

Crypt Gallery

Together with King of Midtown, we took over The Crypt Gallery to gather artists, collectors, and communities to exhibit artwork from talented individuals such as Trevor Jones, Violet Jones, Emanuele Ferrari, Alien Queen, Bryan Brinkman, and Michael Kutsche.

Beyond the Horizon Exhibit

Julion St. Hill of The Sana Collection and the Thelonious Monk Estate brought together five incredible African artists for an exhibit celebrating expressive Afrofuturism and digital art, including open editions from Dynasty and Kokky Tau as well as 1/1 work from Owo, Nygilia, and Vintagemozart. 

Just after doors opened at the Beyond the Horizon exhibit.
Work by Owo

On behalf of MakersPlace we thank you for joining us for NFT NYC in support of art, community and collective experience.

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