We’ve been busy at MakersPlace. We kicked off 2023 with a bang, and we can’t wait to let you in on the improvements and upgrades that’ll make your experience on our site even better, whether you’re a creator or a collector.

Revamped Artwork Display

Feast your eyes on digital art like never before

We’ve supersized the artwork on our site to be 2x bigger and in higher resolution, so you can truly appreciate the details. Collectors can now click to zoom in and view the original file in its full glory, just as the artist intended. Plus, we’ve added an industry-leading media resolution to our zoom tool that adapts seamlessly to user devices.

Introducing Phygitals

The future isn’t either/or — it’s both

We’re bullish on the hybrid of digital and physical artwork, which is why we prioritized launching a product feature empowering artists to sell physical corollaries to digital work or to create digital corollaries to their physical work. We’ve had dozens of creators reach out to participate in our beta group, which we’re aiming to expand soon as we continue to add new enhancements to the experience. 

Third-Party Contract Support

Artists, own your contract while collectors own the art

Our community is buzzing about our support for third-party contracts, including Manifold. Standing out from other platforms, our self-service import tool makes it a breeze for you and your artwork to be everywhere at once.

Under the Hood

Experience glitch-free art (unless it’s glitch art)!

We’re revamping our technical foundation to ensure a faster, smoother, and bug-free experience you’ll feel rather than see.

On the Horizon

MakersPlace is getting a makeover!

After completing 70+ customer interviews and surveys, we’re zeroing in on redesigning the overall experience for maximum delight. Keep an eye out for more updates and roll-outs soon. 

Drops-Related Releases & Beta Features

Raffles Return!

Drop artists can gamify their drops with this fun mechanic.

Pre-sale Experience in Beta

We’re now offering select creators the chance to hold a pre-sale ahead of their drop, giving their community of collectors a fantastic opportunity. As we refine this beta, we’ll work on expanding its accessibility and ease of use for even more creators.

Enhanced Open-Edition Experience

Open editions are going strong and running smoothly. Drop artists can take advantage of this offering, and thanks to recent optimizations, we’re now delivering open editions 100% faster to customers. We’ll keep improving it before opening it up to more creators.

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