Women in Web3 Breakfast

At The Glass Ceiling NoMad, featuring a curation set of women artists and a performance by performance art duo Neosutras. Click here for all of the details.

Annual Castle Party and Community Building

When: Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 11:35 am–12:00 pm

Where: NFT.NYC Main Stage, Javits Center


  • Trevor Jones (Artist)
  • Violet P Jones (Artist)
  • Vasia Makris (Co-Founder + COO, The Crypt Gallery)
  • King of Midtown (Collector, Curator, Founder and CEO of The Crypt Gallery)
  • Nanimalisimo (OG Collector, MakersPlace Digital Art Business Development)


NFTs: Art World Disruption In Progress

When: Thursday, April 13, 2023, 11:35 am–12:00 pm

Where: NFT.NYC Main Stage, Javits Center


  • Claus Enevoldsen (CMO at MakersPlace)
  • noCreative (noCreative / Bloom)
  • Saks Afridi (Artist and Creative Director)
  • Caitlin Cruikshank (Digital Art Business Development, MakersPlace)
  • Parin Heidari (Artist, Social Media Manager at MakersPlace)


Current IP Issues With NFTs

When: Friday, April 14, 2023, 12:00–12:25 pm

Where: NFT.NYC Legal & Finance Stage, Javits Center


  • Stu Levi (Sadden Arps, Co-head of Web3 and Digital Assets Practice)
  • Kayvan Ghaffari (General Counsel of MakersPlace,)
  • Stan (Dromi in cooperation with BADOKH)
  • Ariel Givner (Founder of Giver Law – The Corporate Web3 Law Firm)
  • Zeynep Ekinci (Kabine Law Office)


Art Connect by KOREAN NFT

Exhibition for Korean NFT & 1188 artists
supported by theGODA, MakersPlace, Meflex

Artists: Joy UnknownAmber ParkNAKTAGlitchofMindCake NygardRegina Kim, and Fried Friday

​Art Talk with

​Followed by a networking session for artists, collectors, founders, and investors.

RSVP here.

If you missed us at Miami NFT Week or NFT Paris (or if you want to re-watch a talk!), you can check out recordings of all of our speaking engagements. 

Miami NFT Week

Do NFTs Exist Without Community?

Can NFTs thrive without community? Our panelists will delve into the vital role community plays in shaping the NFT landscape, discussing user involvement in tokenization, the pros and cons of user engagement, and the effects of having—or lacking—a strong community. They’ll also explore how NFTs can benefit from communal backing and the consequences of an open-sourced, decentralized environment. To top it all off, they’ll share their insights on how to create a dynamic NFT ecosystem that embraces its users.

  • Georgia Andre, MakersPlace Community Marketing Manager
  • Nick Daze
  • Georgia Andre
  • Mike Hernandez
  • Moderated by Jeff Weisbein


NFT Paris


Innovative creative processes.

  • Erick Calderon (Founder & CEO, Art Blocks)
  • Obvious (Artist)
  • Ivona Tau (Artist)
  • Craig Palmer (CEO, Makersplace)
  • Colborn Bell (Founder, MOCA)
  • Moderated Giulia Archetti (Deputy Director, Business Director, Global Fine Arts, Sotheby’s)



Demystifying art curation in a decentralized space

  • Micol Ap (Co-founder & CEO, VerticalCrypto Art)
  • Serena Tabacchi (Co-founder, MOCDA)
  • Caitlin Cruickshank (Business Development, Digital Art NFTs, MakersPlace)
  • Eleonora Brizi (Founder, Breezy Art)
  • Moderated by Fanny Lakoubay (Founder, LAL Art)


WORKSHOP: The Passage of Ra with Alexander Groves

An intimate discussion between Alexander Groves of A.A. Murakami and MakersPlace’s very own Caitlin Cruikshank about The Passage of Ra installation.

This on-site experience for attendees combines the ephemeral beauty of the moment with the ever-lasting value of the NFT. A.A. Murakami has designed a projection system that canons smoke rings toward a digital screen. Once the ring reaches the screen, a digital twin is created and sails indefinitely in a digital landscape.


WORKSHOP: Women of Web3

Hosted by Georgia André (Community & Events, MakersPlace), Cynthia Hass (COO, World of Women Foundation), Amber Jae Slooten (Co-Founder & COO, The Fabricant), Talia Zoref (Founder, Eyes of Fashion) and Edalou Paris (Chief Fashion Officer, Eyes of Fashion)

The Women in Web3 from World of Women, The Fabricant, Eyes of Fashion, and MakersPlace continue a conversation around education and onboarding during a workshop at the NFT Paris conference.

Leading Women-in-Web3 organizations, including World of Women, The Fabricant, and Eyes of Fashion, are joined by MakersPlace at NFT Paris to uplift and elevate women in the space. 


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