Congrats on your multiple purchases of The Passage of Ra. Here’s what’s next for the lucky owners:

Send us your 1-minute segments before Tuesday, March 28 at 11:59pm PST

If you have purchased 2 or more consecutive 1-minute segments, you have the option to burn them to redeem a new NFT combining the sections into a multi-minute composition. The new NFT will be minted by A.A. Murakami on the same contract as the 12 original 1-minute segments. Collectors must redeem their consecutive segments for a new NFT by Tuesday, March 28 at 11:59pm PST. Airdrops of the new NFTs to their owners will be completed within two weeks after the burn deadline.

Please read the burn-to-redeem instructions below carefully.

Burn-Redeem Instructions

Make sure you’re logged in to your MakersPlace account, and that the wallet that holds your The Passage of Ra NFTs is connected to that account. 

1. Go To Send Creations

Send to the MP Concierge wallet by going to ‘Send Creations’ under your account

2. Click “Send” To Begin

Click the “Send” button for your The Passage of Ra NFTs, one by one, and fill in all fields with the correct information: 

  • Recipient wallet address: 0xC20D1caF4E4b362a353FEe1aD3bB54cFd488057A
  • Recipient’s Email Address: 
  • Text Box: 
    • Provide the personal wallet address you want the new NFT sent to. NOTE: We can’t send to your custodial Safebox wallet address.
    • Add your email address, so we can contact you if needed. 
    • Please indicate what number you’re sending (1 of 3 segments, 2 of 3 segments, etc.)
  • Then, click Send

3. Pay Gas Fees If Prompted

If you’re sending from a personal wallet (if you paid with ETH), you’ll be prompted to pay gas fees to complete the transfer. Make sure you’re signed in with your wallet. There will be no gas fees if you’re sending from Safebox (the custodial wallet assigned to you if you paid with a credit card). Note: After several transfers, our system may prevent you from sending additional NFTs for a limited time. This is a standard feature in our system for security reasons. If you encounter this issue, please wait 60 minutes before making your next transfer.

4. Requests Are Processed

Once delivery confirmations of each token are received by MakersPlace, we will process your request. You can expect to receive your new multi-minute NFT within two weeks from the burn deadline

5. Your OEs Are Burned

After the multi-minute NFT has been successfully sent to your wallet, we will send all 1-minute NFTs from the MP Concierge wallet to the Ethereum burn wallet.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at