When the major text-to-image generators hit the scene, filmmakers were among the first to see the opportunity for an entirely new way to bring their ideas to life — or to get ideas they may have never thought up before. 

In today’s Woefully Incomplete Showcase, we’re taking the chance to show off some of the most exciting experiments happening in the collaboration between filmmakers and AI tools. 

“DOG: Dream of Galaxy” from the MIT Film Makers Association

Winner of the MIT AI Filmmaking Hackathon

“An Illogical Dance” by Roope Rainisto

Winner of Claire Silver’s Second AI Art Content

“The Simpsons” Opening Reimagined by Paul Trillo

“Forward” by Eclectic Method

“The Introvert” by digiguru

“Untitled Scene” by CoffeeVectors

“Luddites” by Jon Finger

Scenes from “Vinyl Vengeance” by Julie W. Design

Text to VR Experiment by CuddlySalmon

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