Visual culture has experienced an explosion of creativity in the past six months in the form of AI-generated imagery. This amazing infusion of human-AI collaboration has flooded social media feeds, dinnertime conversations, and, yes, NFT platforms.

MakersPlace recognizes the massive potential that AI has to revolutionize the art world. We’ve always championed art on the cutting edge — after all, we were one of the first NFT marketplaces. Whether traditional art, manually created digital art, or human-machine collaborative art, we celebrate creativity in all its forms.

As such, we’re excited to announce our new and ongoing effort to champion the stand-out creators in the AI art space. We’re opening a new category on our site to highlight some of the best, most original, and most painstaking work created through the collaboration between human creativity and AI-generative power.

This category will be a regularly updated home to curation done both by our in-house team of creators and art nerds, as well as decentralized exhibitions pulled together by creators and curators in the crypto art space at large. 

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