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MakersPlace is excited to announce a new feature that allows users to import tokens listed on third-party platforms, such as Manifold, NFTStudios, or your own personal smart contract as long as it is ERC-721 compliant and follows our import requirements.

Click here to learn how to submit to our inaugural exhibit of Manifold tokens

This is a game-changer for creators who want to own and manage their own contracts while still participating in the MakersPlace marketplace.

All NFTs from those contracts will be imported from the following file types: JPEG, PNG, GIF, MOV, MP4. If you’d like to import a different file type, let us know.  

MakersPlace has created an easy self-service tool that allows verified creators on MakersPlace to import their tokens and list them for sale in just a few minutes. Imported tokens are not exclusive to MakersPlace and can be listed anywhere that supports them. 

Creators won’t need to rely on technical expertise or creator support to get their tokens onto MakersPlace. Just follow a few simple steps to import tokens and start selling.

We honor all royalties set for imported contracts and tokens. To receive payment of these royalties, be sure to connect a payout wallet and PayPal account in your Store Settings page when logged in to MakersPlace.

The addition of external contract support on MakersPlace is a major step forward for creators who want to own and manage their own contracts while still participating in the MakersPlace ecosystem. With the self-service tool, it has never been easier for creators to import their tokens onto a major crypto art platform and start selling their work in exchange for Ethereum or fiat (via credit card). 

How to import your external ERC-721-compliant tokens.

1. Find Create in the top navigation bar.

2. Select Import

3. Verify your smart contract address

4. Check your wallet and sign to verify wallet ownership

5. Hang tight!

6. Finally, add a fixed price or reserve and list your crypto art as ready to sell on MakersPlace. 

If you are a creator looking to take control of your contracts and join the MakersPlace community, now is the time to get started.

If you’re not yet on MakersPlace, click here to apply to join. Already have an account? Click here to import your external tokens.

Additional Information Regarding Imported Contracts

When multiple pieces are minted to a contract, all pieces will be imported and grouped together. Our system will automatically create a collection page for the imported contract, but tokens can exist independently in a storefront or in a category that you build in your store. 

If you add more tokens to a contract after import, they will be automatically added to MakersPlace. In fact, there is currently no way to prevent this from happening. All tokens on a given contract will be added to your MakersPlace storefront after importing your contract and in perpetuity unless you completely remove your contract from our platform. 

If there are pieces you’d prefer didn’t exist in your storefront, you can easily hide these tokens from appearing. Depending on your situation, it may be a better practice to deploy a new contract specifically for your MakersPlace mints. 

If you import a contract and only want to use some of the tokens on it for a Drop, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Currently, we cannot host a @manifoldxyz open edition live on MakersPlace, meaning, you can only import open edition tokens that have already been minted. If you wish to have an open edition whose sale takes place natively on MakersPlace, you would have to mint it on our smart contract.

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