External contract support, new verified sale and bid contracts, more secure NFT infrastructure, and improved decentralization of NFTs.

We’ve been hard at work listening to our community and making significant improvements with you in mind. Here’s the TL;DR: we’ve improved our site experience and infrastructure technology to make it easier to buy, sell, and manage NFTs on MakersPlace. We’re super excited to give you an update on the progress. Read on for complete details.

More secure NFT infrastructure with Safebox — available now

MakersPlace was the first NFT marketplace to provide a custodial wallet allowing collectors to easily purchase NFTs without needing to own a crypto wallet. Basically, the custodial wallet allows collectors to purchase digital art using a credit card instead of crypto.  

We’ve made significant improvements to our custodial wallet technology to make it even more secure. We call this “Safebox,” and like before, it’s operated by MakersPlace on your behalf to let you purchase and manage digital art with a credit card. When your NFTs are in Safebox you maintain complete control of your NFTs and can sell or transfer them at any time.

All NFTs are safely stored in Safebox. No action needed on your part.  

New verified ERC-721–compliant sale and bid contracts — available now

Along with the launch of Safebox, we’ve launched new sale and bid contracts and got that green checkmark on Etherscan! These contracts are ERC-721 compliant, have been externally audited for safety by a trusted third party, and the source code has been published and verified on Etherscan.

All of these changes were implemented to improve the security of your NFTs on MakersPlace.

Improved decentralized storage — coming soon

All new NFTs minted on MakersPlace will have their media files and metadata stored in a decentralized manner with the latest IPFS standards, making it safer and more open. All existing NFTs will also have their metadata stored on IPFS, and you can easily download the original metadata and media files at any time on our website. We plan to have this rolled out before the end of the year.

External contract support — coming soon

One of the most requested features by our creators is to market and sell on MakersPlace using their own ERC-721 NFT minting contract, including Manifold and other contracts. We’ve been hard at work making Manifold x MakersPlace a reality. 

As mentioned, we were the first NFT marketplace to support both crypto and credit card purchases, and it is very important for us to provide this capability with our external contract support too. Doing so will allow you to reach more collectors and improve the liquidity of your NFTs. We’re proud to be one of the few marketplaces to bring this capability to market and plan to roll it out in January 2023.

Stay tuned for more information soon. In the meantime, stay in touch by joining our Discord.

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