Dive into the depths of deliciousness, swim through the endless hydro-cornucopia currents of decadence, and explore the delectable fields of “Jellyfoods.”

A collection of 100 1/1 food-based Jellyfish. A collaboration between jrdsctt and our future A.I. overlords.

This playful collection represents jrdsctt’s first prolonged experiment with AI-generated art — though every single piece has been edited and retouched. The collection was created exclusively using Midjourney Version 2, despite the vastly different and easier-to-use Versions 3 & 4 being released since the project was started. 

Combining common and uncommon menu items with jellyfish for more than 15,000 generation attempts, jrdsctt departs from his usual skulls, cyberpunk, and glitched-out nihilism to revisit the practice of large-scale collections in the spirit of their original intention: fun and aesthetic appreciation. 

The collection is decidedly outside of the recent pfp tradition, eschewing roadmaps and overblown promises in favor of a wait-and-see approach; if collectors are active and engaged, so too will be the artist, who’s also a seasoned community manager and moderator for MakersPlace, Nine Inch Nails, HEALTH, and more. If collectors are quiet appreciators of interesting art, then a simple collection of art is what it shall remain. 

This collection captures a historically significant moment in time — the birth of AI art, an evolution perhaps more pivotal than the invention of the NFT. Midjourney has already left its mark on art history, and this thoughtfully assembled collection of v.2 gens will give interesting perspective on the world we’re entering in the coming years.   


Minneapolis-born digital artist jrdsctt is a MakersPlace OG and a staple of the community with over 250 unique collectors on MakersPlace. With his Genesis Drop, jrdsctt invites a new element into his creative process: artificial intelligence.   

jrdsctt joined MakersPlace as an artist in early 2019. He later became their first official ambassador, helping run the MakersPlace Discord server alongside staff. This role eventually transitioned into an official job with the company in May of 2021.

He has been working there ever since, helping build the MakersPlace community during the day, and glitching dystopian worlds in the evening. The web3 space has consumed most of his waking hours (and some of his unconscious hours as well).

The Drop — December 21, 2022

Below is a partial display of the 100 artworks. Visit the Official Drop Page for more information close to the Drop date.

  • Drop Structure: Mystery Box — Artwork is revealed after purchase
  • Pricing: $50

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