“In this collection, four monsters represent four very real feelings and emotions that each one of us has deeply felt at some point in our lives: love, pain, sorrow, and joy. I have tried to incorporate as much of my own emotion into each monster design as possible.

“The two 1/1 Paintings also come with a physical variation painting. The physical pieces have been created using pen and watercolor on watercolor paper. These are extremely rare, as I do not usually create full physical variation paintings of my digital paintings.” 

— Jonathan Hopkins

Thanks to the media and thanks to Hollywood and how they shape and mold our relationship with words and culture, the word Monster immediately gives rise to thoughts of ugly, grotesque, exaggerated beings. The type of “things” you don’t want to be around. The type of “things” should be afraid of.

But…what if. What if Monsters have feelings too? What if we delve a little deeper and take a closer look? What if we notice that Monsters can feel too? Monsters can love, they can hurt, they can be overcome by sorrow, and they can be filled with joy. Monsters display their most vulnerable and intimate feelings, bearing their own hearts on the outside for all to see.

In this artwork, you will truly see that Monsters can feel. They are like us. They are us. They are beautiful. Like you and me. We are all Monsters. Beautiful, loving creatures. Cute in our own ways. Monsters that can feel. When you look at these cute monsters, can you feel what they feel?

About Jonathan Hopkins

Jonathan Hopkins is an NFT artist from the United Kingdom specializing in creature and character art, design, concept art, and illustration. All his digital work is created, drawn, and painted using an Ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil on the Procreate painting app and/or Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet and Wacom pen. Jonathan has a background in traditional art and made the switch to working digitally around 2011. 

Jonathan enjoys pouring his time and energy, heart, and soul into painting detailed, intricate pieces as well as very expressive and painterly work. He has also illustrated various children’s books.

“Please do come and follow me and say hello on Twitter. I’d love to speak to you and talk about NFTs. I’m always open to share about my work and take you deeper into the thought processes and meanings behind my paintings.” — Jonathan Hopkins 

The Drop – December 13, 2022 


This creature represents Pain. The utter feeling of being overcome by hurt. 

His heart is broken and full of hurt, while pain totally consumes every aspect of his mind, body, and soul, represented by the heart that is consuming everything about him from inside and out.

  • Editions: 1/1 with redeemable physical watercolor painting
  • Pricing: 0.35 ETH


This creature represents Love. The feeling of closeness and acceptance by another.  

Holding his heart close to his chest in a beautiful embrace filled with happiness and warmth, enveloped in the euphoric feeling that is Love. 

  • Editions: 1/1 with redeemable physical watercolor painting
  • Pricing: 0.35 ETH


This creature represents Joy. The feeling of delight and fulfillment. 

This one has a special backstory as it is inspired partly by my youngest son, my baby boy whose smile will bring anyone joy. The creature holds his close heart, which is filled with three other hearts to represent my wife, myself, and my youngest child. Filled to the brim with the feeling of pure joy, the creature looks out, wide-eyed and innocent, directly at the viewer with an indelible smile that would melt the heart of anyone who catches his gaze.

  • Editions: 5/5
  • Pricing: 0.1 ETH


This creature represents Sorrow. The feeling of loss, grief, and despair. 

His sad heart is attached to a line of thorns that is pouring out his sorrow while he weeps, and his tears become an ocean that he is drowning in. Sorrow has completely overtaken him.

  • Editions: 5/5
  • Pricing: 0.1 ETH

Additional Info:

The two 1/1 Paintings also have a physical variation painting that comes with each one.

The physical pieces have been created using pen and watercolor on watercolor paper. These are extremely rare, as Hopkins does not usually create full physical variation paintings of his digital paintings.

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