Our consciousness is always present. We experience reality filtered via the dimensions of consciousness. We experience reality–accepting it while also resisting it. Reality is modified and transformed by our attitudes toward ourselves. In schizophrenic disintegration, reality multiplies into fragments, frightening us.

Under hypnosis, our consciousness finds a way to escape from and surface from the experienced events that keep them covered. By resisting, we show our will, we reveal our essence. By constantly questioning, we doubt reality itself, thinking through all the steps again and again. We exist in dimensions of our own consciousness. 

Ukrainian artist Nadiia Forkosh is from a small Ukrainian town immediately bordering Romania, where she’s lived since she escaped Kyiv in February 2022, at the start of the war in Ukraine. Nadiia works across physical and digital mediums.

Nadiia’s work has been exhibited in Brazil, Kyiv, and London. In 2021, her piece “Portrait of Hesitation” was purchased for $25,000 on MakersPlace.

Click here to read the MakersPlace interview with Nadiia Forkosh

The Drop — December 6, 2022 

Out of Focus

Too many influences happened to the human mind. It lost the ability to understand the clear object.

  • Editions: 1/1, NFT & canvas (100x80cm)


Here we are who we are, but as soon as we wake up, the world again puts pressure on us. Our consciousness is, for a short moment, under the control of the uncontrolled.

  • Editions: 1/1, NFT & canvas (80x60cm)


Schizophrenia is the disintegration of opposites, it is the transition from good (white) to evil (red) and vice versa. Confrontation within the consciousness seeks reconciliation but does not find it.

  • Editions: 1/1, NFT & canvas (80x60cm)


Conflict-opposition has become objective, we are fighting, resting against the enemy. We lose ourselves by becoming different.

  • Editions: 1/1, NFT & canvas (80x60cm)


Doubt is a constant question before us, is it our alter ego or a merciless adversary? Isn’t it all a hoax?

  • Editions: 3, NFT & print

Additional Info on Physical Artworks:

1. Out of Focus –   Includes Physical Artwork, canvas size 100×80 cm

2. Schizophrenia, Conflict, Hypnosis –  Each includes Physical Artwork, canvas size 80×60 cm

3. Question – Includes a physical print for each Collector

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