Header Image: THE GIFT by Acid Button

We’d like to celebrate the past year with our collectors, creators, and staff with a special GIF Giving event. 

Any purchase of at least $100 made between Black Friday (November 25th) through Cyber Monday (November 28th) will qualify the collector for a free airdropped open-edition GIF artwork from a select group of OG crypto artists who specialize in GIF art. 

Artworks will be randomly sent, giving collectors a one-in-four chance of receiving a given piece from one of the following artists:

* Disclaimer: The below GIFs have been converted to mp4 to speed on-site load times.

Reinhard Schmid

Gala Mirissa

Ruth Allen

Joe Chiappetta

Multiple purchases of $100+ will net multiple airdrops, giving collectors a better chance of getting the full collection of open editions. 

Collectors can expect the airdrops to land in their wallets 7–10 business days following the GIF Giving event.

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