“With anything, you have people that maybe go a little bit too far.” This is how artist Musketon (aka Bert Dries) begins to describe his latest project, CryptoBro, “somebody that’s really into crypto, and it’s like a religion almost.” 

As a devoted satirist who left high-end brand work only to find his creative output mocking similar (if not the same) brands that had once been his clients, it seems inevitable that Musketon would set his sights poking fun at the most outspoken and visible set in all of web3: CryptoBros, highlighting the stereotypes as he saw them — Red Bull,  Xanax, Bitcoin baseball cap, and cold wallet close at hand. 

As the illustration of Musketon’s fictional toy made its rounds on social media (“I think the crypto bro illustration is being reposted by actual crypto bros. I think they actually think it’s funny.”), an independent toy maker based in France reached out with a proposition to create a real CryptoBro toy. And so, a larger vision of the CryptoBro project was born.

“I’m an artist, and I can make people happy with actual physical stuff. If you have a webshop and people buy prints, they start sending you messages like how grateful they are to have the print actually in their living room, for instance. So I always really enjoyed making those physical pieces and then actually sending them out to people.” — Musketon

About Musketon

Musketon is the creative alter-ego of Bert Dries, a visual artist from Belgium. Musketon is known for his extremely detailed vector graphics that can be magnified up to 64,000% percent, which he encourages viewers to do to discover new details. He started his career as a self-employed artist straight out of school over ten years ago and has since developed his bold, colorful, and accessible artistic style.  

The Drop — December 1, 2022 

On December 1, 2022, MakersPlace and Musketon will release a limited run of 200 CryptoBro toys sold with Musketon’s original digital artwork.

Toys will be available for purchase while supplies last or until December 10th.

  • Editions: 200/200
  • Pricing: $250/each for the first 24 hours, $300/each afterward.

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