For this drop, crypto art OG and pan-medium artist Alan Bolton joins forces with story-based NFT art curator Not Fungible for its ongoing “Chronicles” series. Not Fungible has tapped Bolton to create a piece that tells the story of crypto in the year 2020. 

Bolton started this piece in November 2021, almost one year in the making. Well before that, however, Bolton was researching, compiling a list of elements to include. After settling on an initial idea, he started to build the Bitcoin mining rig — built off an Antminer S19 Pro — that would form the centerpiece of the work. 

After the primary element was complete, Bolton started adding meticulous detailing and myriad easter eggs. The final element to add was the audio, which includes archival new reports and audio of the block message. 

Who is Alan Bolton?

Alan Bolton is an Irish mixed-media digital artist living in Tenerife, Spain. A multidisciplinary creator, Bolton’s work is not defined by one form of media and includes photography, videography, graphic design, 3D art, augmented reality, digital collage, and more. His works are imaginative with a surrealist, abstract feel, and his practice focuses on experimentation and evolution.  

Who is Not Fungible?

Not Fungible is a story-based NFT art curator bringing timeless masterpieces to the art industry. To help promote the next generation of art curation, Not Fungible runs the artist incubator, gathering the best talent in the space to learn, engage and curate exceptional work. The strands coalesce in the metaverse at Not Fungible’s landmark “Arts Complex” in Decentraland, home to exclusive events and the best NFT art gallery in the industry.

What is the Chronicles series?

Not Fungible’s inaugural signature series, “Chronicles,” uses exquisite NFTs to recount the most iconic moments in crypto. Each piece represents a year and is a chapter in the book of crypto history. Not Fungible has handpicked some of the most talented creative minds in the NFT art space to explore and contribute to one of the greatest stories ever told through art.

The Drop — September 22, 2022

The Chronicles: 2020

The video preview has been compressed for faster load time. 

“My artwork for The Chronicles series is based on the year 2020. A year that is very special to me also, as it’s the year I got involved with crypto and NFTs. We will all remember 2020 for the rest of our lives. So much happened in the year for all of us personally and for crypto. I chose to focus on one of the most important crypto events of the year, the Bitcoin halving, and also incorporate the overall 2020 theme that was continually on our minds throughout the year in my audio/visual artwork” 

“The artwork is based on an abstract Bitcoin mining rig set in a surreal environment. Throughout the piece, I have included many details from both the Bitcoin halving and the year 2020 in both the audio and visuals. I like to include details in the piece that will be noticed by crypto enthusiasts and that each time they watch it they might pick up on something new. So make sure you check out the piece with sound on!”

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