As you traverse the vast and varied territories of crypto art, you may come across a notable artist who has consistently set himself apart from the rest despite a diverse body of work. 

Skeenee is a Madrid-based Belgian artist, an unmistakable stylist, and one of the most prominent independent voices in the scene. From his tattoos to his illustrated skulls, from his exciting animated style to his experiments with AI and GANs, Skeenee translates his vivid visions of death and greed across seemingly endless genres and mediums. 

Known largely for his obsessive and diverse range of artworks featuring both human and animal skulls, Skeenee brings his trademark specialty to bear in this crypto-commentary series. 

As the crypto world and economy at large continue to trend into the bear market, Skeenee strips bare both the hype and the FUD to the brittle underpinnings of the highs and lows. The ghosts of anxiety over drained wallets will live on into the next bull market, just as the elation over a good investment will haunt the cursor finger of an alpha-seeker in every bear market.

The Drop — November 15, 2022

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Bull: Re-Animated

  • Editions: 1/1 with signed ink original from Skeenee
  • Pricing: 3 ETH

Bear: Re-Animated

  • Editions: 1/1 signed ink original from Skeenee
  • Pricing: 3 ETH

Bear & Bull Variations

  • 12 unique 1/1 variations, each with a signed giclee print
  • Pricing: $350

More Drop Details

All artworks will come with a free, signed physical artwork that the Collector will be able to frame and display in their home for all guests to see.

Specifically, each Collector of the 1/1 Bear: Re-Animated and 1/1 Bull: Re-Animated NFTs will receive a signed ink original from Skeenee, while Collectors of the 1/1 variations will receive a signed giclee print of the artwork.

Furthermore, both the physical artworks and giclee prints are AR-enhanced. Using the free Artivive app, anyone can scan the artwork to play the animation.

Moving forward, Skeenee will stop creating editions in favor of 1/1 pieces. To remain consistent with this ideology, Skeenee will burn all remaining unsold editions of his artworks on Makersplace, increasing the scarcity of his work on Makersplace. (Hint, hint: go buy them up before the burn!)

Lastly, each Collector of the 1/1 Bear and Bull Re-Animated NFT will receive a “Proof of Skills” NFT demonstrating Skeenee’s illustration and creation process to achieve the final product.

Oh, and one more cool point for the pyros out there: Skeenee is willing to provide a “Proof of Burn” NFT. In essence, a collector can decide to burn the physical artwork, and Skeenee will send the Collector an NFT of Skeenee physically burning the printed artwork.

There are so many cool things with this Drop, make sure you don’t miss out!

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