Two masters of the macabre return to MakersPlace for a collaborative Halloween drop. Jason Duckmanton and James Suret have united to bring us a new collection of dark, melancholic artwork exploring themes of love and death. Created in their own unique undead styles, this is a special collection for all dark art lovers.

In a series of four collaborative animations, the duo has explored mixing themes of romantic love, frustrated desire, doppelgängers, and platonic affection in the context of death. Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal and Jordan Peele’s Us, Suret and Duckmanton’s mix of 3D sculpture and 2D illustrations and animations is an exciting Halloween drop. 

James Suret is a UK-based digital artist who specializes in creating dark, emotive artwork. Over the past 20 years, James has used 3D and 2D techniques to create emotionally engaging scenes through digital sculptures and illustrations. Visit Suret’s MakersPlace storefront here

Jason Duckmanton is a UK-based digital illustrator and animator from the UK who mixes macabre artwork with melancholic, surrealist imagery. His early attempts at a dark children’s book resulted not in a completed story but instead in a beautiful series of illustrations and exhibitions that kickstarted his artistic career. Visit Duckmanton’s MakersPlace storefront here.    

The Drop — October 30, 2022

* Videos have been compressed for faster load times. 

Girl with the Heart

She knew the only way to let her love bloom was to remove her own heart from its dying body. A sacrificial transformation, She is in love and in death.

This 3D sculpture formed part of a collaboration between Jason Duckmanton and James Suret, exploring themes of love and death.

  • Editions: 2/2
  • Pricing: $250

Death Blooms

A death bloom is when a flower stalk grows vertically from the center

of the plant only once during its lifetime. As the new flower blooms, it uses all of the plants’ energy leading to its death.

This 3D sculpture illustrates the transformative beauty in death.

  • Editions: 2/2
  • Pricing: $250

Game of Death

One final game, winner takes all.

I wasn’t ready to go. I challenged death to play a game. An apparition appeared before me, a doppelgänger. I’m no longer sure which me is me or how to play this game of winner-takes-all.

How can you be sure the real you is you?

Digital illustration and animation by Jason Duckmanton. Audio by Varien.

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Reserve: $666

Queen of Hearts

An offering, a sacrifice, a gift, a vow. Her heart was all she had and all she gave, leaving nothing but a memory.

A collaboration between Jason Duckmanton and James Suret, exploring themes of love and death. Original 3D sculpture created by James Suret, illustration and animation by Jason Duckmanton. 

  • Editions: 1/1
  • Reserve: $666

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