Chissweetart is a US-based surrealist artist and photo manipulator. Having gained notoriety with visceral and sensual interpretations of pseudo-gothic and post-modern art, her unique style leaves a lasting impression on collectors, and her single-edition pieces make her work all the more desirable. 

Much of Chissweetart’s work tells the story of her abusive past and her road to recovery through art. The work is emotional, dark, and surreal and subtly hints at the fantastical, science fiction worldbuilding that underlies this oeuvre. 

This collection is about the feral wild side of women. The strength of women, the sexuality, the passion, and the power within. 

Lately, many changes within the United States have occurred that have stripped women of their freedom and have threatened to make our gender seem weak. 

This collection has been created to show and share the strength of women and how powerful and beautiful we truly are. The collection displays parts of the feminine psyche that contribute to the strength of womanhood.

The Drop — October 26, 2022 


Mercy is the fluidity of the feminine presence. She shows how women can easily flow and adjust to their environment; how women can easily blend and grow with whatever trials are brought to them.


Emelia is about the power and strength within the feminine presence. She has strength from within. She grows stronger with every breath. She is the holder of the female soul and strength.


Delilah is the sensual side of the feminine presence. She shows the strength of women with their sex. She is the power of lust and the body. She shows how women can be strong with their sexuality.


Trinity is the intelligent side of the feminine presence. She is the power of the woman’s mind and represents a woman’s intelligence and intuition in always preparing for the future.

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