With the most viewed video in the history of YouTube, Pinkfong’s Baby Shark became the most recognizable earworm to emerge from the internet and garnered truly global status, reach, and affinity. It took the world by storm, generating unprecedented amounts of engagement on the internet, certifying RIAA Diamond (11x Platinum), and recording a 20-week streak on Billboard’s Hot 100.

The world of Baby Shark returns to the world of NFTs, introducing an exclusive opportunity for fans and collectors to own official NFTs from the viral sensation.

Baby Shark: Collection No. 1 on MakersPlace offered both unique (1/1) and limited edition pieces featuring iconic Baby Shark and his family in original, loopable animations, all accompanied by audio that references the genre-defining song.

Now, Baby Shark: Collection No. 2 will consist of 10,000 unique generative NFTs, each featuring a member of the shark family: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark, or Grandpa Shark. Special traits and attributes will be randomly assigned to each NFT, with a few surprises included.

Benefits and utilities for collectors that purchase an NFT from this 10K collection will include the ability to customize NFTs, eligibility for exclusive airdrops and gifts, and priority access to merchandise and immersive experiences held both on and offline.

Mint Details — November 8, 2022 

Baby Shark: Collection No. 2, be released in 3 parts:

  1.    Spring/Summer Edition — August 2022
  2.    Fall Edition — November 2022 
  3.    Winter Edition — Announcement coming soon

Presale for Baby Shark: Collection No. 2 [Fall Edition] will open on November 8th, 2022 at 3:30 pm PST for Allowlist holders at a special VIP rate.

Register for the Baby Shark: Collection No. 2 Allowlist.

  • Register with your MakersPlace account email. If you do not have an account, you can sign up here. 
  • Sign-ups for the Allow List will close on November 2nd at midnight PST.
  • To learn more about the drop, you can read more about it here

Fall Edition Public Sale will open November 9th at 3:45 pm PST. 

Where Greats Dare to Swim

Babyshark NFT holders have already seen a lot of developments in this underwater web3 ecosystem. 

  • Clamshell NFTs were airdropped as a perk to V1 collection holders
  • V2 collection NFTs were also airdropped as a perk to V1 collection holders
  • The project team launched the community token, Sand Dollars, which can be mined and redeemed for perks and rewards.
    • V1/V2 collection holders received 15/10 Sand Dollars automatically for each NFT they hold.
  • The project team released the Community Token Store on Discord, where Sand Dollars can be used to purchase items. The catalog of purchasable items will increase over time.
  • Pre-order to provide VIPs a guaranteed opportunity to purchase Fall release NFTs
  • Additional utility for fall release: 15% off Pinkfong merch on Amazon US (other discounts for non-US holders to come)
  • AMA session to share updates and address community questions

How to Purchase

  1. Login to MakersPlace with the account you submitted for the Allow List. Or connect the personal wallet you submitted for the Allow List to a MakersPlace account by going to your Account Settings from a desktop computer (learn more).
  2. Go to the Babyshark Collection No. 2 page at 3:30 PM PST, Wednesday, August 31, 2022.
  3. Purchase your randomly generated Babyshark NFT.


  • There are only 350 items available during the 24-hour pre-sale, purchasable only by Allow List members. First come, first serve.
  • Each Allow List member can purchase up to six items during the pre-sale, unlimited during the public sale.
  • You can purchase with both ETH wallets or credit card, but methods vary by desktop and mobile, see below.

Supported purchasing methods


  • ETH wallets: Meta Mask, Trust, Coinbase
  • Credit card


  • ETH wallets: Meta Mask, Trust, Coinbase (iOS only)
  • Credit card (iOS and Android)

All purchases will be minted within 24 hours of your purchase.

If purchasing with a credit card, there will be a 72-hour hold (from the time of purchase) before the item can be transferred or resold.

Your NFT will be revealed to you on September 7 via email and in your account.

Secondary market activity and sales will all happen in the dedicated Collections marketplace feed, linked from each minted Babyshark NFT page.


  • Baby Shark community tokens will be given for each V2 NFT held, redeemable for gifts & perks, including the ability to customize and/or mint new NFTs.
  • Eligibility for exclusive airdrops and bonuses
  • Entry into raffles that can include ticket giveaways to select Baby Shark events, merchandise, interactive activities, custom digital content, and more
  • More benefits will be revealed as the Baby Shark story unfolds 


🌊 WAVE 1: Establish the Shark Family

  • Drop 1st official NFT collection, Baby Shark: Collection No. 1, December 2021 ✅
  • Airdrop exclusive gift item to V1 holders which allows holders to mint a free NFT from V2
  • Drop 2nd official NFT collection, Baby Shark: Collection No. 2

🌊 WAVE 2: Shark Benefits & Spe-shell Perks 

  • Launch Baby Shark community tokens, providing community members with composability, customization options, benefits, and gifts through earned tokens.
  • Eligibility for exclusive airdrops and bonuses
  • Raffles for holders, which can include ticket giveaways to select Baby Shark events, merchandise, interactive activities, custom digital content, and more

🌊 WAVE 3: Swim with Sharks in and out of the Ocean

  • Priority access for holders to limited edition merchandise, collaborations, and projects with top artists
  • Offline activations and events, which may include parties, workshops, meet-ups, and more 
  • Roll out Baby Shark’s world in the metaverse, enabling holders to utilize their NFTs to build and grow with us

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