We are excited to announce the launch of our newly updated Profiles with a new gallery view that makes it easier to show off your Creations and Collection. But that’s not the only new feature coming with the Profiles refresh.

New profiles are:

  • Customizable: You can easily add a cover photo and profile image to put your unique artistic touch on your gallery and page
  • Re-arrangeable: Drag and drop your NFTs to rearrange them in the order that makes sense for your gallery. 
  • Organizable: Organize your NFTs in groupings or collections to make them easier to find and sort
  • Intuitive: We’ve upgraded and modernized the Profiles user interface, including loading elements.
  • Faster and mobile friendly: < You read that right!

This is just a taste of more to come as we continue to revamp our platform to better serve our Creators and Collectors. 

Check out your newly updated profile today!

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