“This project is personal because I met Steve Wand [of Not Fungible] at the Bitcoin 2019 Conference in San Francisco. I was so very fresh to the crypto art space, and he was the very first person who I got to chat with. I remember seeing him at an after-party over a beer. It was at this moment, looking around at all these other passionate people, that I knew I was where I belonged and that this joy was what I had been looking for. It fostered my creative spirit, and it felt like it was about more than pushing some pixels around. It was about a revolution.”

— Coldie

For this drop, crypto art OG and stereoscopic 3D wizard Coldie joins forces with story-based NFT art curator Not Fungible for its ongoing “Chronicles” series. Not Fungible has tapped Coldie to create a piece that tells the story of crypto in the year 2019. 

Using 1/1 art to tell stories — particularly about digital life and crypto culture — is no new task for Coldie, who has been using the digital side of his art practice to tell the story of the digital side of life since 2018. 

“When I first got into crypto art, there were only a handful of artists creating crypto and blockchain-themed artwork. What I was seeing in the development of the space was not being depicted in the art space. I had a vision to create historical/cultural driven art that visually depicts the blockchain.

“For years leading up to this, I focused on stereoscopic 3D art and concert photography. The major huddle for me was finding collectors who were interested in what I called ‘tech art.’ They sure are not in the tiny town I live in. As soon as I made the conscious decision to forget about the local art fairs and coffee shop shows and focus on making my best digital art, I began to flourish inside and out.”

— Coldie

Who is Coldie?

Coldie is an award-winning mixed media artist whose stereoscopic 3D art has been featured in national juried art exhibitions, major cryptocurrency events, and live auctions. His blockchain-themed artwork — including the “Decentral Eyes” portrait series — gives a personalized visual representation of the disruptive industry. Decentralized portraits are created by sourcing 10+ images of each person and recombining them into a stereoscopic 3D collage.

His stereoscopic 3D artwork has been juried in various exhibitions around the world, including the Axis Gallery 12th National Juried Exhibition (juried by Mat Gleason, founder of Coagula Art Journal).

His most recent experimental project, GANdinsky 3D, remixes Wassily Kandinsky’s art compositions using Playform’s GAN AI software. Coldie is the first artist to tokenize stereoscopic 3D art and stereoscopic 3D concert photography.

Who is Not Fungible?

Not Fungible is a narrative NFT art curator that partners with the most brilliant creative minds in the art world to create new timeless masterpieces in the NFT space.

To help promote the next generation of art curation, Not Fungible runs an artist incubator. Not Fungible seeks to find the best talents in the space and brings them together to learn, engage, and curate some truly exceptional works. All of this coalesces in the metaverse, with Not Fungible’s landmark ‘Arts Complex’ in Decentraland – where exclusive events are hosted and the largest NFT art gallery in the entire industry exists today.

What is the Chronicles series?

Not Fungible’s inaugural signature series, “Chronicles,” uses exquisite NFTs to recount the most iconic moments in crypto. Each piece represents a year and is a chapter in the book of crypto history. Not Fungible has handpicked some of the most talented creative minds in the NFT art space to explore and contribute to one of the greatest stories ever told through art.

The Drop — October 20, 2022

The Chronicles: 2019

The video below is a teaser for the final piece.

“2019 was my first full year in the crypto art space creating NFTs. The overall feeling of the space was optimistic but very unknown. We were in a bear market but seeing signs of life ahead. The ‘moon’ talk was starting to grow more and more and as the year went on it became more of reality. It was very raw. There were not many others who were making NFTs so it was a bit of a lonely road.”

For Coldie, this piece represents the unknown. “Going down a path with full conviction, seeing the space evolve around me as I was creating art that was topical to that time. I was co-creating and contributing something to the moment. Looking back on this year (including references to some of the key pieces made that year), I am proud to have done what I did then and feel like this artwork captures that feeling.”

— Coldie

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